Poll: Most of us don’t want Joe Biden to run for a second term, because obviously

Joe Biden
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A whopping 71 percent of registered voters think Joe Biden shouldn’t run for a second term, the top reasons being, he’s a bad president, he’s too old, it’s time for a change.

This is from recent polling conducted by Harvard University, which also puts the number of Americans who think Donald Trump shouldn’t run again at 61 percent.

Trump is clearly gearing up for a third run at the White House in 2024, and is reportedly mulling over announcing his candidacy sooner rather than later to try to head off at the pass likely criminal indictments for his role in the 2021 attempted coup.

That he tried to overturn the results of an election, and is still somehow slightly less unpopular than the guy who replaced him, is telling.

Biden, fair or not, appears to just be doddering his way through his lifetime achievement award term, fiddling while Rome burns, as they say, not doing much of anything in the face of record inflation and gas prices, and having nothing significant in terms of legislation get through Congress despite having Democrats in control of both houses.

The clamor for Biden to step aside, and sooner rather than later, to open the door for another Democrat – and really, no offense to Joe here, but literally any Democrat would give the party a better chance to hold the White House in 2024 – to build momentum.

The stakes there: letting Trump, who you can expect will steamroll his way to the Republican nomination, Ron DeSantis be damned, get his tiny hands back on the codes to the nuclear football, among other things.

Chris Graham

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