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Planning a group bus tour of the southern US

The great southern trail has seen everything from Civil Wars to the building of the largest democracy in the world. Over the years, the deep South has become one of the best places to visit to get in touch with the massive breadth and history that the United States holds together. From the land of cowboys and Westerns to the great Railroad tracks that carried the stories of so many dreams. Whether it’s the Gold Rush or the Civil War, the South has seen each and every conflict in the United States, grown by it, and become more and more magical.

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Planning a bus trip into the heart of the Southern U.S. is pretty easy. More or less, the places are all inviting, filled with amazing natural and historical wonders and the problem of “too many choices” is more taxing than the problem of “too few”.

However, Southern U.S. is big, and navigating the length and breadth of that territory might be difficult, so, we’ve piled together some small advice to get you through the trip as smooth as possible.

Plan the transportation

When you’re planning a trip into the deep South, a bus is essential. Not only are the highways endless, but a bus with facilities and A.C would also be necessary no matter which time of the year you choose to travel in. Charter a coach bus or tour bus rental and make sure to have extra provisions at hand before you start. Along with provisions, remember to keep a driving playlist handy for the long stretches of road.

The kind of bus would obviously be important once you start. A larger bus can be a budgetary constraint, however, it can help you and your friends have more space to move around in once, the bus starts moving. Carry extensive maps and discuss the routes with your driver partner to be sure of any alternative routes you might have to take.

Where to go?

The South is very extensive and makes for an interesting trip, no matter where you start out, however, keeping an eye open for the following places would aid you a lot.

  1. Charlestown – The original party town in the old days, has many memories etched into its foundations. Look out for the USS Yorktown, and the Civil Rights Museum to find out about the stories that shaped America. Charlestown is also known for its staple cuisine available through the many famous restaurants are strewn through town.
  2. Savannah – One of the deep south attractions that hold up the charm of the earlier days, check out the museums here to get a feel of the renovations America went through in the early years.
  3. Selma – One of the key participants in the Civil Rights movements from back in the day, this is the place where the famous Selma to Montogomery march started from. Look out for the “Selma Interpretive Centre” to get eye-witness accounts of the Civil Rights movement.
  4. Birmingham – One of the best spaces to find out about the industrial revolution that swept up America, check out the mines and the industry here. Also, find out about the Birmingham movement, one of the key Civil Rights movement in America
  5. New Orleans – Visiting during Mardi Gras is definitely recommended, but, the town known for having a cultural juxtaposition like no other can be enjoyed any time of the year. Keep an eye out for the jazz concerts and the halls that bring up stories every moment.

Plan Pit-Stops

Pit stops are necessary as you would be moving between very warm states with arid climates. So, refilling and getting more provisions as you travel will be non-negotiable. Check out the gas stations and the towns that will come along the way. Remember to chart out the route so that your travels always end up at a motel at night, giving you enough rest to start for the next day.

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