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Which moving company to choose?


economic-forecast-headerNowadays the moving market is rich in a variety of companies and firms that are willing to provide the public with the services of this kind. But are all of them as good as their advertising slogans and promises they say? The company “Virginia Movers” speaks to the point and notes its strengths:

  • Any apartment moving is fulfilled quickly, without damage to the property, with the assistance of experienced workers, which will not only carry the things and furniture, but will also produce additional services. “Virginia Movers” moving company does not only transport goods from point “A” to point “B”, but offers a comprehensive solution of all problems associated with the moving to a new location: the assembly / disassembly of furniture, assembly / disassembly of household appliances, packaging items and many other useful services.
  • Office relocation is performed without loss of working time, with careful handling of equipment and furniture, retaining of all the documentation and placement of items in accordance with the wishes of the client. Thanks to the proper organization of any office moving, “Virginia Movers” saves the usual schedule of the client-company. It works at night and on weekends, which ensures the optimal timing of an office move. All transfers are insured at no extra cost to the client.
  • The services of loaders are available at any time, for any period are in your complete disposal.
  • The workers in the warehouse are the most experienced, friendly and result-oriented people who are ready to start the implementation of the work immediately.
  • Rigging services are offered in full and of any complexity. Difficulties do not frighten “Virginia Movers”, but only make it stronger and more experienced.
  • Relocation of the enterprise is executed in a complex, according to a preconceived plan, involving technology, professionals and workers.
  • “Virginia Movers” moving company is a professional in the field of property storage. It allows a long-term or temporary storage of all sizes and values. Keeping things in a warehouse is a useful and reliable services, proven by thousands of their customers (both organizations and individuals). They store a wide variety of goods: from fragile items and personal belongings to a large dimensional equipment and office equipment.

All companies boast about their advantages, but “Virginia Movers” invites you to read their immutable principles:

  • Reliability is the key to success. They do not just work with clients, they offer their strong shoulder to clients and take the problems related to the cargo.
  • Integrity is the foundation of the company. Moving is a constant work with people (and not just with their belongings), so every member of its staff is the face of the company. Integrity is the overall quality of each member of the team.
  • The use of their own resources and non-rental services (machinery, vehicles and workers) enables them to reduce the costs, and for you – to receive the net asset value without any extra allowances.
  • There are no bad customers, the opinion of each of them is taken into account and placed above everything else.
  • “Virginia Movers” has only honest and responsible movers-packers, polite and experienced managers.
  • Their array of vehicles consists exclusively of modern cars, specially equipped for the safe transportation of furniture and belongings.
  • “Virginia Movers” uses only high-quality packing materials to ensure the reliability of transportation and the success of the move as a whole.
  • It has the largest regional network and carries out long-distance travel as soon as possible.

Moving with “Virginia Movers will always give you a positive emotional state, because they know that the move is a change for the better!




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