news weve logged off twitter no big loss it wasnt doing anything for us anyway

We’ve logged off Twitter: No big loss, it wasn’t doing anything for us anyway

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You might have noticed, though odds are you didn’t, that Augusta Free Press is no longer on Twitter.

Confirming it here: we’ve moved out.

Based on our internal metrics, it won’t be a loss for us to be out of the hellscape.

Twitter accounts for less than 1 percent of our traffic, according to our Google Analytics.

We were there, mainly, because like many others in the media business, you feel you need to be there.

I mean, it’s Twitter, right?

We tried to ride it out under the new leadership from paper billionaire Elon Musk, but we drew the line at the idea of Musk reinstating the account of former president Donald Trump, who had been permanently banned from the platform under Twitter’s previous management back in 2021 for using Twitter to incite an attempted political coup.

Musk announced on Twitter over the weekend that he was reinstating Trump, though oddly, it doesn’t appear that Trump even wants to be back, having moved on to use his ban from Twitter to launch the grift that is known as Truth Social, a Twitter ripoff that has a handful of mostly far-right neckbeard followers and has been on its last legs for two months now.

It doesn’t seem to stand to reason that Musk would want to have his $44 billion investment in Twitter turn the medium into a replacement for a failed right-wing website, but it’s his money.

We’re not trying to make a statement by logging off. Just don’t want him to make a dime off our content, and if it’s not there, he can’t.

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