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The key features of EHS software solutions

EHS Software Solutions and Its Importance

e-commerceEHS software solutions are data management applications which help companies maintain their regulatory compliance, helps them in incident reporting, quality management, and help in environmental management. Most EHS solutions are compatible with many industrial environments and they maintain international compliance standards.

Improving the overall workplace safety is the main objective behind EHS solutions; they also work to improve environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint. EHS solutions use critical indicators to track key events and prevent any workplace hazards from happening. Recently EHS software solutions have made use of automation for reducing the human input required for redundant tasks and introduced cloud storage for improved security and better transparency.

Key Features of EHS Software Solutions for Companies

EHS solutions in 2018 are much more than compliance they track information, do advanced data analytics and even business intelligence reporting. Here are some of the key features of EHS software solutions:

  1. Built-in Reporting and Data Access

An EHS software solution is capable of generating reports based on multiple metrics. These reports are also auto-generated within the application at specific time intervals. Built-in reporting also enables managers and administrators to view data in a simplified manner. You can access archived information and also re-inspect multiple files at a time.

A good EHS platform should be transparent and all the data should be accessible any time without hiccups.

  1. Data Security

Data security is what most companies are concerned when hiring a third party data solution. Nowadays, EHS solutions rely on the cloud for data storage. They used complicated network encryptions so that the data batch allowed to a specific firm is not misused in any manner.

  1. Portability

EHS solutions don’t require the use of bulky computer software. Most solutions are currently web-based; it is available 24/7 and can be accessed by mobiles and tablets. Most solutions are also available in the form of mobile applications so it can also be used as a communication platform between top-level management and employees.

  1. Employee engagement

EHS software now enables two-way communication between managers and employees. It helps in real time incident reporting. Employees can now make suggestions or activity updates even when they are in remote work locations.

Managers can also provide instructions and important updates to employees through this medium.

  1. Ease of use

An EHS application is uncomplicated which enables users with non-technical backgrounds to interact and understand what each data element means. EHS solutions rely on infographics and charts for data presentation and provide advanced data only when it is required.

  1. Automation.

EHS applications reduce the burden on data entry staff by reducing the number of redundant inputs and the software connects with security systems which result in information processing without human input.

Companies and Solutions

It is high time that your firm integrates and EHS Solution. It greatly helps in managing environmental compliance and reducing data input. EHS solutions also provide business intelligence and quality management. If you don’t have one integrated into your system you are missing out on efficiency and at the end, you are not compliant with any standard.



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