newssimple tech that will impress the guy on your list

Simple tech that will impress the guy on your list


There’s always at least one guy on your list who’s hard to shop for around the holidays. Whether he’s your partner, brother, or co-worker, he can take your holiday schedule for ransom, delaying this highly organized plan as you waste time scratching your head over what to get him. Well, scratch no longer. This list stands in for any wish list he “forgot” to make for himself. From stylish accessories to practical gadgets, these simple devices will impress any guy on your list.

A signature black dragon Galaxy Note 9 skin

If you know he stood in line waiting for the Note 9 — probably because he told you all about the experience ad nauseum — then you know another thing. Though it’s one of the best handsets available in the world right now, it’s still a Galaxy phone. By and large, it looks like every other Samsung phablet out there.

This year, you can help thembreak the mould with a black dragon skin. It’s an apt term for a stylized Galaxy Note 9 decal that wraps around their handset, covering its bezel, buttons, and backing. Looking like the scaly skin of a mythical beast, the black dragon design transforms the Note 9 from a boring yet sleek phone into a sleeping serpent.

Black dragon, the latest exclusive design from dbrand, is unlike anything Samsung can cook up — better suited for Westeros than Wall Street. But don’t worry if he’s never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. There’s no single design when you get a new Galaxy Note 9 skin. The selection from dbrand includes a variety of textures that can radically change the look of this handset. Frommarble and bamboo to hyper titanium and orange carbon fiber Galaxy skins, you can customize a look that best suits his style.

A portable stove and generator

Amateur campers and expert portagers alike will appreciate a well-made stove and generator.A 2-in-1 gadget like the Biolite CampStove 2 works twice as hard as other outdoors equipment. On the surface, it’s like any other lightweight camping stove. Its smokeless flame can cook meals and boil water in minutes, using only wood as fuel.

Take a closer look, and you’ll see there’s a USB charger on the side. Biolite harnesses the heat generated by the fire and converts it into usable electricity. The CampStove 2 has 50% more power than the original, so it can charge his Galaxy Note 9, GPS, and other outdoor essentials faster and safer.

An improved smart home experience

Does the guy on your list jump on every new smart device in the hope he can one day be like Jean-Luc Picard? Then there’s a high chance he already has an Amazon Echo hooked up to his home. He may have even changed his settings to make Alexa’s wake word be “computer”, just like his favorite captain. And while the Amazon Echo is great, it has its limitations. Purely an audio device, Alexa can only share information through words and other sounds.

You can up his Alexa game with the Echo Show. It represents the future of Alexa, integrating the basic audio of the traditional Echo with a new video screen above it. This means when he says, “hey, Alexa,” it will be able to show him the answer to his queries, including YouTube videos and video flash briefings. It also works like a screen in any other device, allowing him to Skype with friends, watch videos, or view web entries.

A portable photograph printer

If you have a budding photographer on your list, then a portable photo printer is a fun little present. They can start using it right away, taking unbelievable shots on their Galaxy Note 9 and printing them instantly with their Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. It’s small enough that it could fit in their back pocket, making it an easy tag-a-long to any holiday, party, or dinner. It syncs to his smartphone and its camera using Bluetooth tech, printing 2×3 Polaroids at a moment’s notice.

Using ZINK technology, the ZIP printer produces smudge-proof pictures. That’s because ZINK stands for Zero Ink. That also means he won’t have to run out to the store to stock up on old-fashioned ink when cyan runs low. ZINK relies on thermal paper to transfer the image onto its Polaroids.As long as he has film, he’s ready to print.

A streaming revolution     

There’s never been a better time to be bingers, couch potatoes, or TV-holics. It’s the golden era of television thanks to the many streaming subscriptions available. Netflix and Amazon Prime are responsible for some of the best shows out there, and all the other TV networks are trying to keep up.

If the guy on your list is constantly watching the latest series, you can help him satiate his viewing habits with a Roku streaming stick. It converts any TV into the ultimate streaming station. With a click of his Roku remote control, he can switch between his many subscriptions without having to sign in or finagle with extra cords. It streamlines all of his streaming accounts onto its device, so they’re allavailable right there on the TV.

With a gadget for every kind of guy, this guide can help you find the perfect present — regardless of how helpful the man in your life is around the holidays. You can find a fun or practical gadget that never fails to impress for whoever you’re buying for this year.  And if he’s the type to leave you directionless for every gift-giving holiday, refer to this guide when it’s his birthday. This list is a gift-giving inspiration all year round.



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