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Short Sleeve Sampson: Ready to tackle his biggest challenge


Short Sleeve Sampson knows what he is facing when he takes on Micro Championship Wrestling world champion Meatball at New Year’s Chaos on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013 at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Va.

“It could be a caree-ending match,” said Sampson, who at 4’2″, 120 pounds will be on the short end of what is effectively a handicap match against the near-300-pound Meatball.

“All it’s going to take is one thing to go wrong, for Meatball to land one of ihs signature moves, and, I mean, this could possibly end my career,” said Sampson, who nonetheless is taking a positive approach to the matchup.

After all, a win by Sampson helps him realize one of his career goals: winning a world title.

“What better way to start off the new year – instead of making your resolutions and saying, you know, these are things I’d like to accomplish throughout the year, we’re going to start it off with a bang right away. The one thing I want to accomplish starting off this new year in 2013 is to become the MCW world champion. And what better way to kick it off than to have the current champion, Meatball, in the ring with myself, winner take all, let’s settle it man to man, who’s the best. I plan on making my New Year’s resolution come true,” Sampson said.

MCW itself got a huge boost from its first season on the air on the TruTV reality show “Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling.”

Sampson said the show provided a “huge platform” for midget wrestling all around.

“Midget wrestling has taken on so many shapes and forms throughout the years. Now we have a form of wrestling that is so diversified. It’s not just comedy, it’s not just hardcore, it’s not just technical wrestling. You’ve got athletes of all different sizes bringing their gifts, talents, strengths and abilities.

“We were able to showcase that on the show, which was phenomenal. We were able to open the eyes of wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans throughout the world to let them know that this is as formidable a competitive sport as you’re going to get,” Sampson said.

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