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Richard Adams Variety Show turns 18


richard adamsThis Friday marks the official 18th Richard Adams Variety Show. Since the show’s beginnings, there have been singers, dancers, actors, hula hoopers, flat footers, cloggers, tap dancers, modern dancers, cat impressions, Tuba Choirs, German Bands, The Judy Chops, Bryan E. Smith, Bourbon Barrel Congress, Buddy Thomas, Kathy LaFon, Wanda, yes, Wanda, interviews and a whole lot of fun.

This months show features Liz Leone, Outerboroughs, Barbara Wimble and the Stonewall Brigade Flute Choir.

Let’s start with Liz. Liz Leone always aspired to be an opera singer. She studied voice at JMU. After leaving JMU, Liz decided to go back to the “family business”.. Teaching. Her mother and sister are teachers so Liz came to Staunton to get her Master’s at Mary Baldwin. She now teaches first grade at Wenonah and sings and acts on the side. LIz will be singing opera and show tunes with her long time accompanist Trevor Manor.

Andrew Green and Susannah Hornsby “Outerboroughs” met in New York. I first heard them in January at a benefit I hosted for The Valley Music Academy. I immediately booked them on my show for April. Andrew is a great guitarist/vocalist and Susannah sings beautifully and also plays accordion. This is a great group. Andrew is also an accomplished Jazz Musician and Banjo Player and Teacher.

Barbara Wimble was on my “It’s never too late to start” segment in December. I invited folks who started a new hobby or venture to come in and try out their act. Barbara came in and tapped danced with three months of Tap Lessons under her belt. She’s now at the six month stage and will come in and tap dance to music by Kermit the Frog and Dr. Toothbrush.

The Stonewall Brigade “Flute Choir”.. Yes, “Flute Choir” will debut at the Gateway.

What is a Flute Choir.. Well, You’ve got Piccolos, Regular (aka) Soprano Flutes, Bigger (Alto Flutes) and Great Big Ole (Bass Flutes). Yes, four different size flutes.

Don’t try this without professional instruction.

Bill Martin will be back as my co-host. Bill is practicing up for his starring role in Shenanarts “Fiddler on the Roof” production in May.

I’ll interview someone… have a cat impression contest….and have the usual zany stuff. It’s fun.. It’s loose… and the crowd is always great.

Thanks for coming out.. That’s this Friday @ the Gateway. Doors open at 7:00. Show runs from 7:30 – 9:15 ish.. (15 minutes intermission) Snack Bar will be open.

Tickets $9.99 in advance.

Online at www.WTAGateway.com.



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