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Newsmax host: Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship is a Joe Biden psy-op

Chris Graham
Taylor Swift in concert in New York
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A Newsmax chode bemoaned idolatry on his show on Monday night, and no, of course he wasn’t referring to himself and other MAGAs and their cult-like worship of Donald Trump.

“They are totally over the top worshipping this woman,” the host, Greg Kelly, said on his show, over a photo on the screen of pop star Taylor Swift, who, if you don’t know her from her own success, you’ve at least come across of late because she’s now the darling of the NFL, because of her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

This Kelly guy, though, let’s just say, not a fan.

“Have you seen any of the pictures of her in concert? I wouldn’t go myself. I don’t do that kind of thing anymore. But I think what they call it is, they’re elevating her to an idol,” Kelly said.

Not that Kelly would ever elevate anyone to “idol” status, or anything.

Oh, no.

“Idolatry, this is a little bit of what idolatry, I think, looks like,” Kelly went on, oblivious to what he’s talking about, apparently, given his own idol worship of The Dear Leader. “You’re not supposed to do that. In fact, if you look it up in the Bible, it’s a sin! So, I don’t like that.”

Moving past, for the sake of expediency, that this Bible that this Kelly guy refers to is a collection of otherwise unrelated books written by dozens of authors dating back more than 2,000 years, you’d think that Kelly, if he was being honest with himself, wouldn’t bring this idol worship topic up, considering how his viewers, who are devout Christians only in their own minds, treat Trump as the third coming.

To be fair here, yeah, the zeal of your average Swiftie is on par with that of your average MAGA.

The only reason the MAGAs care about Taylor Swift is because of, yep, you guessed it, politics.

Swift famously endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, and MAGAs like Kelly are twisting their knickers over the thought that the pop star will do so again in 2024.

To that end, this Kelly guy thinks the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship that has been very public in recent weeks is a “publicity stunt” engineered by the Biden White House, because, come on, you know that Travis Kelce, he’s a paid endorser of that COVID vaccine.

“Some people think this is a massive psy-op. They’re gonna build her up, and build up Kelce as well. Build them up, build them up, build them up, and then at the moment of truth, they’re going to endorse Biden,” Kelly said.

That he appeared to be serious as a heart attack about this is the hilarious part here.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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