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New from Alpha Vision Films: ‘A Place to Call My Own’


Cast and Crew

Produced-written-directed by James Overton
Assistant Director: Susan Conner
Director of Photography: Mark Miller
Production: Isaac Cook, Natalie Hall, Theresa Reynolds Curry, Bill McGill, Andrew Robinson, Michael Carlin, and Zan Gillies
Original Score by Jimmy O
Starring: Amy Porterfield, Paul Conrad, Martha Woodroof,
Also featuring: David Ferreira, Vanessa Schroeder, David Witt, Barbara Hodgen, Tom Miller, Cindy Fowler, Susan Reynolds, Hope Powell, Linda Witt, Ashley McGee, and Ron Engleman



The new feature film from Alpha Vision Films, “A Place to Call My Own”, is an intense and complex psychological thriller with some pretty frightening paranormal elements. A contemporary Southern Gothic tale of murder, insanity, and horrific skeletons in the closet. Elaine Anderson, as portrayed by talented actress Amy Porterfield, embarks upon a treacherous journey. A journey between the real and the unreal. A journey into the past that will determine the future. A journey from the known to the unknown. For in these borderland places, she hopes to find, A Place to Call My Own. This film was produced between January and May of 2013. We are pleased to have several of the cast and crew who have distinguished themselves in our previous films returning, along with some exciting new faces. The seventh feature film from Virginia’s Alpha Vision Films, this is our most ambitious and acclaimed picture to date.



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