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Mailbag: Reader wonders why fans think they know how to coach better than the coach

Chris Graham
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Could you write an article on why everyone knows more about lineups than Tony Bennett, and why more of them are not head coaches?   

– Stan

I don’t know that there’s a single fan base associated with any team in any sport on the globe that passively sits back and watches sports the way Stan seemsto think they should, at least based on the tone of that rhetorical question.

The reason college and pro coaches and pro athletes make millions of dollars per year is because the people who watch have decided that they care, for some reason.

Without people watching and caring, sports are nothing more than various people in silly clothing running around in circles chasing a ball like their lives depend on it, which, joke’s on them, nobody dies at the end, it’s just a game.

The fans are as much a part of the game as the coaches and the players.

The coaches coach, the players play, the fans commit their time and their attention, and it’s their money that makes it all possible.

I say, let ’em vent. Doesn’t hurt anybody.

Thanks for the email. You challenged me here to wax philosophical, which is good exercise for the ol’ noggin.

– Chris


Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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