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How to file for divorce over the internet

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The word to love and to hold is usually the order of the day when couples are in love, just married and having a clear focus for the future. When fate strikes, sweet words get rubbed off, and painful encounter starts trickling in. This is how a break-up starts.

As couples begin disagreeing in one way or another, one party may get overwhelmed by pain, abuse, and blame game which results in a temporal separation and permanent rift in the long run.

When one is suddenly forced into ending the marriage by the circumstances prevailing, the thought of how to take care of the children, finances to manage one become a threatening question.

However, with the upcoming technology, couples can now apply for a break up over the Internet.

It is an inexpensive way of marriage annulment, quick and at the end of the day, it results in saving some cents to give a jump start to the new but unpredicted life.

Online divorce is a form of marriage separation where couples access divorce forms over the internet, fill them out and submit to the courts pending judgment.  In this case, one goes through the process without an attorney which further reduces the cost of divorce a great deal. Besides, it is a far more convenient method in comparison to the old way where it was a must to seek the services of a lawyer.

One had to attend court sessions as and when need be, which has helped to save thousands of monies and has become less time-consuming.

Therefore, a complete divorce online process is worth considering noting, bearing in mind that breaking a marriage is a time-consuming, emotionally draining, and painful experience. At least with the online process, one can get a sigh of relief knowing that there is a ground to step on when the decree is issued.

However, for this form of a break up to take place, the separation itself must not be contested, and as such, it is well known as an uncontested divorce. Whenever there are no fights over the custody of children, division of property such as a house, then the divorcing partners can come together and proceed with the online divorce.

Many companies are available to offer cheap divorce services over the internet.

However, it is paramount to check on the legitimacy of each one of them and choose the best, which has approvals and positive reviews.

This is a more straightforward process whereby couples can get divorce papers real-time, file at their convenience without the hassles of looking for a lawyer who will give friendly services but end up draining their finances.

Below is the entire process under which one can apply for a divorce online.

  1. Confirm that you and your spouse agree to the annulment- This involves child custody, child support, division of assets, and alimony.  Before getting divorce forms, it’s paramount to ensure that both parties are in complete agreement. Be rest assured that the lawyer will not be needed in their process.
  2. Gather all the paperwork- This includes the financial paperwork, any agreements towards breaking the marriage, which will all necessitate a quick process.
  3. Choose the right online divorce site – Various sites offer the services online, depending on the state that one is in. Some requirements must be fulfilled, and in this case, the site must confirm the couple’s eligibility for an online way of ending their marriage.

This is done by:

  1. Confirming eligibility- This is whereby the site interviews short questions that are expected to be answered before proceeding. If the questions are considered okay, then one is required to proceed to the next level.
  2. Creating an account- The couple can then proceed to open an account to be given access to the divorce papers. There is an application fee that is required to be paid on the onset of the application to aid in accessing the papers, filing, reviewing, and subsequent filing of the same.
  3. Filing of the divorce forms-Once the persons are given access to download the papers, the next step is filling the same. The account support department will offer any help required in as much as the process is simple and clear. This is to ensure that there is a 100% guarantee of accuracy before the forms are submitted to the courts. All the financial information is filled here in addition to agreements that led this process to be considered uncontested.

After filing the papers, they are submitted back to the site reviewers to check for any errors or additional information and advise accordingly. In case they are completed as desired, they give the go-ahead to either submit the forms to the courts or may opt to present them in real-time on behalf of their client.

This is one of the processes that make online divorce a quick, and affordable method of separation when submission on the web is considered.

  1. Serving the spouse- Once the courts accept the papers about the impending break-up, the next process is to serve the spouse with a copy and file one for future reference. After the judges have gone through the entire documentation, and they are convinced that all is fine, they proceed to pronounce a judgment day.

This is when the decree is issued, and a marriage cannot be considered over until such a decree has been issued and settlement is done.

Reasons why it is worth considering applying for divorce over the internet?

  1. Time-saving and convenient, especially for employed individuals who do not want to mess with the employer’s time. They would also not want to expose their private lives which may be a disadvantage if the employer gets to know about the impending issues in the family unit.
  2. Most of the popular sites are certified as divorce filing service providers who have a guarantee of privacy. There is also a 100% guarantee that the process will go through effectively.
  3. All instructions about the entire process are available from the beginning to the end, making it a hassle-free process.
  4. There is no need of worrying about where to get the divorce documents. The service provider of choice will have them ready for thee parties filing for the break-up.


The process of applying for an online divorce is one of the easiest that makes a hurting spouse find some relief. It’s, therefore, a point to ponder for those couples intending to part ways, or if they are going through stringent financial constraints that demand the use of minimal dollars as the process is initiated.

For those who thought that breaking a marriage is a notoriously expensive process, then the modern ways dictate otherwise today.



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