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Hey, MAGA: Your guy Donald Trump thinks ‘Hitler did some good things’

Chris Graham
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Your dad, your granddad, your great-granddad, fought the Nazis in World War II, to preserve your freedom to elect a guy president who thinks Adolf Hitler “did some good things.”

“He said, ‘Well, but Hitler did some good things.’ I said, ‘Well, what?’ And he said, ‘Well, he rebuilt the economy.’ But what did he do with that rebuilt economy? He turned it against his own people and against the world. And I said, ‘Sir, you can never say anything good about the guy. Nothing.’”

That was retired Gen. John Kelly, who served as disgraced multiple-times indicted ex-president Donald Trump’s chief of staff, speaking there.

Kelly and others who served in Trump’s White House inner circle spoke with Jim Sciutto for a new book from the CNN anchor, The Return of Great Powers, which will be in bookstores on Tuesday.

The book details how Trump loves him some Hitler, and other dictators.

Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, for instance, is “brilliant”; North Korea strongman Kim Jong Un is “an OK guy” that U.S. policy had “pushed into a corner.”

And then, there Trump’s distaste for NATO.

“To him, it was like we were goading these guys. ‘If we didn’t have NATO, then Putin wouldn’t be doing these things,’” Kelly recalls Trump saying.

Consider this in the context of Trump welcoming Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to his gilded golf club in Florida over the weekend.

“There’s nobody that’s better, smarter or a better leader than Viktor Orbán,” Trump said, adding, “He’s the boss and he’s a great leader, fantastic leader. In Europe and around the world, they respect him.”

This, MAGA, is what you’re going all in for you.

We get it, you want to own the libs.

The guy in your family lineage who fought the Nazis would box your ears.

You’re backing a guy who claimed bone spurs to keep himself out of Vietnam, and yet somehow still sees himself as a tough guy.

Kelly cited “the tough guy thing” as being a key motivator for Trump.

Obviously, it’s a not-tough guy compensating.

You can tell that because what particularly draws Trump to Hitler, per Kelly, is the view that Hitler was able to count on the supposed undying loyalty of his senior military officers.

Except that, no, that wasn’t true.

“He would ask about the loyalty issues and about how, when I pointed out to him the German generals as a group were not loyal to him, and in fact tried to assassinate him a few times, and he didn’t know that,” Kelly said.

This is what happens when a very stable genius can’t lower himself to reading past Page 2 of the high-school history book.

But that’s on him.

What’s on you is, he’s nothing without your money backing him, your vote giving him power.

To a guy who wants to win the Cold War for the communists, and World War II for the Nazis.

Shame on him, but moreso, shame on you.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

Chris Graham is the founder and editor of Augusta Free Press. A 1994 alum of the University of Virginia, Chris is the author and co-author of seven books, including Poverty of Imagination, a memoir published in 2019, and Team of Destiny: Inside Virginia Basketball’s Run to the 2019 National Championship, and The Worst Wrestling Pay-Per-View Ever, published in 2018. For his commentaries on news, sports and politics, go to his YouTube page, or subscribe to his Street Knowledge podcast. Email Chris at [email protected].