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Floki Inu, Akita Inu and HUH Token: 3 must-know tips for investing in cryptocurrency

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Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009 the world has changed around it, creating spin offs, meme coins and competitors to its once solo-brand. Opening the world to cryptocurrency and revolutionizing the ways in which users can invest their hard-earned money.

Cryptocurrency comes under many names these days but it’s easy to spot the best ones to invest in, whether that’s Floki Inu, Akita or HUH Token. Understanding the benefits of different currencies can, at first glance, seem like a long process, but it’s much simpler than you would believe.

  1. What Each of The Three Cryptocurrency Offers.

In a world of ‘magic money’ as some Comp-Sci students would label it, the benefits of investing in crypto is beyond what users first imagined, though the safety and value of your investments can vastly differ between currencies. This is due to the structures (blockchains) the currencies are using.

Mono-currencies are often less stable by nature and are open to devaluations of stock at the publishing click of Elon Musk’s Twitter account or the new immergence of greater crypto tokens. It can be a dicey game, to, for all intents and purposes, place your eggs into one basket.

Floki Inu, an NFT (Non-fungible) token is a movement-based currency, following in the footsteps of others like it, such as Shiba Inu. With a strong meme culture and community, it can be seen as one of the currencies most likely to succeed in the modern age of metaverses. However, upon looking deeper, Floki Inu’s crypto base would ensure that it’s tokens aren’t recognised outside of its own blockchain, resulting in a volatility for investors and their investments alike.

Following the meme movement, Akita tokens are joining the metaverse, but does this offer anything different to its direct competitor Folki Inu? It certainly does. Akita is loosely inspired by Dodgecoin, though it’s use of DeFi (Ethereum blockchain) broadens the user’s investment possibilities, making Akita tokens much more versatile. In the sense of a healthy ecosystem, Akita will trounce Floki Inu in investments alone, purely down to the crypto type. However, the use of a singular culture or a mono-currency leaves the investments open to attack from external factures.

HUH Token broadens the spectrum of possibility with its dual-currency, meaning that investments are likely safer from volatility than when inside of mono-currencies. The inter-changeable, horizon-finding aims of HUH Token are unrivalled, and the December 6th release will open the door for further innovations in the fintech arena.

  1. Expect Volatility

This tip is both scary and exciting in equal measures, a knock-you-to-the-floor cocktail of thrill.

Though investing in Cryptocurrencies can be daunting because the stock of the investment rides the waves of trends, it’s simpler to accept the probability of rises and short falls. This, however, doesn’t mean that strategy doesn’t play a part in investment, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Choosing the most stable token is the key to the game, following trends is an initial foot in the door but it doesn’t hinge it open fully. Relying, as previously stated, on a mono-currency is dangerous for long-term investments. Of course, if you’re in the crypto game for short, lucrative wins, then mono-currencies could be for you.

HUH Token’s dual-currency allows for greater investment, with the intention of growing generational wealth, or a longer-term windfall.

Volatility is the biproduct of crypto and with it, emerging currencies, like HUH Token. Who are paving the way to sustainable and most importantly, repeatable success.

  1. The Three R’s: Research, Research … Research.

Anything worth doing in life requires some research, whether that’s how to perfect a Spaghetti Carbonara to investing in Cryptocurrencies. Doing your research ensures that your choice of investment is best for you, reducing the personal risks and betting your life.

Investing in crypto can be life changing and it can be as simple as choosing between a mono-currency and a dual-currency.

Story by Abhishek Kumar



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