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Donald Trump, irritated at his speech being cut, wants NBC, CNN licenses ‘taken away’

Chris Graham
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Donald Trump seems to think he has a constitutional right to spew his lies on cable news.

“NBC and CNN refused to air my victory speech,” the disgraced ex-president complained, because that’s what he does, at a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday. “I think of it because they are crooked, they’re dishonest, and frankly, they should have their licenses or whatever they have taken away.”

It was actually MSNBC, not NBC, that cut away from the speech after airing it briefly.

CNN and Fox News both cut away from the speech several minutes in.

Interesting that Trump doesn’t want the Foxers to have their cords cut.

Rachel Maddow, on MSNBC, gave the rationale for breaking away from Trump’s verbal diarrhea.

“It is not an easy decision, but there is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things, and that is a fundamental truth of our business and who we are,” Maddow said during the MSNBC coverage of the caucuses on Monday.

CNN broke away as Trump began to rant about an “immigrant invasion.”

Fox News cut its feed seven minutes in, though Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany was obviously oblivious to this tidbit, evidenced in this rant against CNN host Jake Tapper, who was manning the Iowa desk for the network.

“I am worried that the media has a plan, and we saw it play out last night to just censor this man,” said McEnany, who was Trump’s White House press secretary. “Jake Tapper, what a shameful moment from a so-called journalist, as you exposed him, he is not. To cut off Donald Trump and say, ‘You can hear him under my voice saying anti-immigrant things.’ He was not! Let the people hear the truth. The leader of the Republican Party.”

Hilarious, that a former press flunky for Trump is lecturing an actual journalist.

But wait, there’s more, because another tongue-lashing was to come from Sean Hannity, another Fox News host who, according to texts released to the Jan. 6 Committee, sent dozens of texts to Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and offered to go to bat for Trump on Election Day and thereafter on his show.

This is Hannity on Tapper:

“He thinks he’s a journalist. You know what he is. He’s a talk show host,” Hannity said. “I’m a talk show host. I buy it, I practice journalism, that’s part of my job. I do investigative reporting. I give opinion. We talk about culture and sports. I’m like an entire newspaper, but they say they’re journalists. That’s the distinction.”

Lost on the rest of us: whatever distinction Hannity is claiming exists there.

Back to Trump, and his apparent desire for (MS)NBC and CNN to have their licenses taken away: cable networks don’t operate under FCC licenses like broadcast networks do.

There are no licenses to take away.

Another swing and miss on a basic fact from Der Führer.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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