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Chris Graham: Unchained melody


Unchain Wall Street. Put us back in chains. It’s OK to say one, but not the other.

Shame on all y’all, really.

The toothpaste is out of the tube, so it’s only going to get much, much worse between now and November. But that said, haven’t we all had it up to here and beyond with the negativity?

This is what we get for putting in place a Supreme Court that felt it necessary to protect the rights of billionaires to spend as much money as they can to help their favored candidates win elections.

The various super-PACs have nothing positive to say, so they’re spending millions attacking the respective other sides in ways that would make comedians on a Comedy Central roast blush.

That toothpaste is also out of the tube, unfortunately. It’s hard to imagine a Supreme Court anytime in the near future reversing the Citizens United decision that unleashed this foul melody on our land.

The billionaires are free to litter our airwaves with their slanders and libels and blasphemies. We’re free, mainly, to change the channel, which may be the only solution.

An interesting idea, that one. If billionaires spend millions to run attack ads on TV, but nobody is watching, do they make a sound?

Probably not.

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