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Chris Graham: The Facebook chicken or the egg dilemma


marketingWhat do you need first on your business Facebook page to draw business to your business – likes, or posts?

Answer: yes.

Which is to say, you need likes and content, and you’re hurting yourself business-wise if you wait for one or the other to come around.

One client of ours has more than 4,000 Facebook fans, which is obviously great. But she only talks to that population once a week, out of fear that she might alienate the fans by showing up in their News Feeds too often.

The issue here is probably plain and clear. Advertising, whatever form it takes, is about being in people’s faces and in the forefront of their minds on a regular basis. To do that with TV, radio or print, you’ve got to pay big bucks. If you’ve got 4,000 Facebook fans, all you need to do is make a new post to your business Facebook page, at a cost of a minute or two of your time.

Another new client has less than 50 fans on his Facebook page, which is obviously not so great, especially considering that the page has been up for close to a year. Thing is, he posts several items to the page a day, and wonders why he isn’t getting any business out of all of that work.

Again, the issue here is probably plain and clear. You’re talking to the same 50 people over and over and over. You need to grow that base well beyond 50 fans to have any chance of having your Facebook page work for you.

There is a proven, low-cost strategy for growing your Facebook base and engaging that growing base into your business.

And that strategy is …

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Chris Graham is the president and CEO of Augusta Free Press LLC, a web-, graphic-design and full-service marketing company based in Waynesboro, Va. More online at www.AFPBusiness.com.



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