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Augusta County installing weapons detection systems at select schools near you

Chris Graham
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Augusta County is the latest to concede that there’s nothing we can do about guns, with our school system touting its latest safety measure: six new weapons detection systems, costing $116,434, that are new for the upcoming school year.

“We’re always evaluating our safety procedures and layers of security. These detectors will be a further deterrent and an added protection for our students and staff,” deputy superintendent Doug Shifflett told the Augusta County School Board last week, per reporting from The News Leader.

Six isn’t 18, the number of schools – elementary, middle and high – in the county school system. But, good news there, the plan is to eventually have 18 of these weapons detection thingies so that every school has one of its own.

For now, the units – which are mobile, weighing about 25 pounds, with setup that takes roughly a minute, we’re told – will be moved around from school to school based on where the threat is the greatest.

“Sometimes we have threats that come up. If we have a particular threat in a particular school, we can move them overnight and then have it set up as an extra protection layer,” Shifflett said.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

We’ve come to accept that it’s just normal that kids aren’t safe from other kidsAugusta shooting them at school, and that we have to scan them on their way to class to make sure that none of them are packing heat.

God save us from ourselves.

Tim Simmons, who represents the Pastures District on the School Board, called the new security apparatus “a good step in the right direction.”

“This board is obviously committed to school safety,” Simmons said, per the newspaper report.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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