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6 tips and tricks for using casino bonuses to make profit

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In gambling, a bonus is like a shot of penicillin that keeps you alive when you need it the most, and casinos around the world know this very well. That is why they try to offer the most lucrative bonus deals to players who use their services. The thing about online casino bonuses is that no matter how big they are, they won’t do any good to a player if he doesn’t know how to use them properly. Knowing how to utilize the most out of free prizes that you get while gambling is a skill that can be learned if you are patient and persistent enough. The joy of winning and hitting all those sweet jackpots is one step closer once you learn some useful casino tips and tricks about making the most of your bonus deals.

1.Always take your welcome gifts

It is hard to believe but many inexperienced players will forfeit their welcoming gifts including cash or free spins, thinking that these don’t matter much. Nothing can be further from the truth, because having some few extra bucks on your account may be the difference between hitting a jackpot or going home empty-handed. Take every offer that you can get no matter how small it may be and give yourself a good headstart before placing your first bet. Even if you are playing penny slots, use all match-up offers that usually come in a form of welcoming bonuses, because even a 25 cent bet can earn you a one-million-dollar jackpot. As for free welcoming spins, never hesitate to claim them if you are a slot fanatic because you certainly won’t regret any of them.

2. Watch for wagering requirements

If there is one thing that can ruin a nice bonus offer that is a bunch of unfair wagering requirements. Even the best casino bonuses are not immune to this nuisance so read terms and conditions carefully before accepting any free gift. Casinos that impose strict requirements do not survive too long on this market, so most reliable casinos will offer something between 30x and 50x forced bets. Even if you claim a 200% deposit bonus casino, it won’t do much good if you are required to place 100x forced bets before claiming any profit. Make sure to play your favorite games only at casinos that offer fair terms.

3. Do not miss special offers

Between welcome offers and no deposit gifts, one quickly overlooks special daily or weekly proposals that usually don’t last long. These one-time offers may change your game if you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Special deals may include a large number of free chips or spins, not usually given away during regular promotional offers. If you want to know how to win at casino, look for promo codes reserved for special offers and claim them before someone else does. This will improve your chances of cashing out immensely.

4. Use the right bonus at the right time

Another common mistake among inexperienced players is bad timing when using the best casino bonuses. These should be always used according to each player’s current status. If you are just entering your game, feel free to use welcoming offers. Do not use reload bonuses unless you are really losing your money. Many players make this mistake so they claim reload offers just so they can accumulate more cash. Reload prizes should only be used if a situation requires, which means when you have a bad beat and you need a cash injection to keep your game going.

5. Concentrate only on certain games

Once again, read terms and conditions carefully before placing your bets. Your bets coming from bonus cash count only if placed on certain games listed in these terms and conditions. One shouldn’t be wasting his cash by playing unrelated games that will not have an impact on being requirements. Even if a player really likes some unrelated slots, he should be disciplined and not place wagers until he clears the remaining requirements. That is the most efficient way of using your bonus money.

6. Have fun

Sometimes, overthinking can ruin even the best gambling strategy there is, so each player needs to approach his game stress-free. Accumulating free cash or spins is great but overthinking about every single bet will ruin the pleasure of gambling. Try enjoying your play as much s possible and accepting that gambling is a game of chance and a player can only control a few things, not the whole game. Keep this in mind and you will not be so obsessed about properly using every single cent from your claimed bonuses.

Follow these casino tips and you will do just fine. Make the most out of your bonuses to increase your odds as much as possible. Choose them wisely, use them properly, but do not overthink every single bet. We understand that you are in it to win it, and you will eventually if you follow our advice. Think about that next time when you claim some special offer that will totally change your game.

Story by Jason Copley. Ask Jason anything about online gambling and he will give it to you straight. After 12 years of actively playing in online casinos, he knows all the ins and outs of your favorite pastime. His favorite games are progressive slots and online poker tournaments.



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