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New local music show will focus on burgeoning Shenandoah Valley music scene

The Shenandoah Valley music scene will be in the spotlight every Saturday morning at 11am starting April 21 on Star 94, as hosts John Huggins and Melissa Mesko spin tracks by local songwriters and provide information for finding these talented local artists online. The Shenandoah Valley Local Music Hour will be a great opportunity for musicians and music lovers to get a sampling of what the Valley music scene has to offer.

John Huggins is a concert and music promoter, bringing festivals and music awareness to the Shenandoah Valley. Along with wife Cheryl, John also owns Shenandoah Pizza and Shenandoah Hops in downtown Staunton and is an active member of the Staunton community. 

Melissa Mesko is a local musician and songwriter who came to Staunton from Nashville.  She is a founding member of Oxford Mississippi favorite The Sweetbush Revival, who was honored back in 2004 to have an original song featured on the Beanland: Rising from the Riverbed DVD, which documents the rise of Beanland (the band that spawned Widespread Panic).

Artists that would like to be featured are provided the following guidelines:

*Each artist/group should submit ONE song.

*Songs must be original, and professionally recorded for radio play.

*Songs need to be around 4 minutes (give or take – no 12 minute rock operas).

*You can submit your songs to in mp3 format.

*The title of the email should include band/artist name and song title.

*In the body of the email please provide a little blurb about artist/band and/or the song.

*Contact information with email and/or phone number is required to be considered for air time.

Staunton Music Guild President Karen Lawrence recently commented on the new show: “This is an excellent opportunity for local musicians to expand their audience and raise awareness about local music.  John and Melissa have worked in the Valley music scene in many capacities and will be terrific hosts.  Everyone that loves and supports local music should tune in every week!”

Musicians seeking more information about being featured on the Shenandoah Valley Local Music Hour should contact John or Melissa @ For a complete and up-to-date live music schedule for the Staunton area, visit

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