New Highland HDMs Route

secondwindlogoSeveral residents of the Mill Gap area, a previously underserved region of Highland County south of Monterey, will begin receiving home-delivered meals on a regular basis beginning Jan. 7.

Previously, individuals in that area could only receive the monthly frozen meals due to a lack of volunteers. Recently an individual who heard of this need at her church reached out to BH RD Kathryn Coit and offered to be a frequent volunteer for that location, spurring a new effort to find other volunteers and eligible homebound individuals for that area. An article in the Recorder and individual contacts brought in many referrals and several additional volunteers. Some individuals declined the meals and some were screened out as ineligible, but six people will begin receiving this service now.

Some volunteers with the Monterey/Bluegrass route are adding another day to their monthly schedule. Other volunteers are new to the program. Valerie Lowry will be the scheduler of volunteers for the Mill Gap route.

All of these people are greatly appreciated!

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