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Neil Patel’s digital marketing services reviewed: Is it worth it?

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Neil Patel, the man behind the blockbuster marketing blog and the founder of top marketing brands Kissmetrics, Quick Sprout, and Crazy Egg, is now the CEO of a digital marketing agency that bears his name. But does the agency truly carry out Neil Patel’s own vision of marketing excellence?

It’s true that Neil Patel Digital gets rave reviews from massive corporations like Google, HP, and Amazon, all of which have hired his company for digital marketing guidance. But that doesn’t make it easy to decide whether NP Digital is really worth the hype, or if it’s just trading off the famous Neil Patel name.

That’s why I’m sharing my own review of Neil Patel’s digital marketing services, to help you decide if his pricing, process, services and team are really worth it.


Let’s cut right to the chase – you want to know how much it costs. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. But not because I don’t want to share some kind of secret. Rather, NP Digital offers customized pricing for every client, so there’s no way to really say what kind of proposal they’d put together for your firm. Not that you’ll find bargain prices here. NP Digital specializes in providing services to larger corporations with over $100 million in annual revenue, so you can expect them to price accordingly.

That said, NP Digital does try hard to make their services affordable. They offer flexible payment plans, with the option to pay through a monthly or yearly retainer contract. And you’ll get a clear list of the services that are included in your package before you commit to signing up, so the pricing is very transparent.

Bear in mind that the agency won’t work with clients unless you sign up for a contract of at least one year. This is so that the team has enough time to design and carry out a long-term marketing strategy that will keep on bringing in results for the foreseeable future, rather than offering a series of quick fixes. It’s a reasonable requirement, but you need to be prepared for the commitment.

Onboarding Process

The truth is that Neil Patel Digital began to deliver value from the very outset. Before you’re given a price or sent a proposal, the marketers at NP Digital carry out a full, 360-degree assessment of your current marketing efforts. They examine your email marketing campaigns, the ads you have running on every channel, your social media posts, your online reviews, your website and blog, and all your marketing content.

Make sure that your confidence is strong, because they point out every flaw, every weakness, and every missed opportunity. It’s worth it to go through this excruciating investigation, though, because the team will also give you detailed feedback, describing all the changes that need to be made and estimating your projected ROI once you’ve done so.

What’s more, you receive an in-depth plan that lays out how to increase SERP rankings, raise traffic to your website and/or blog, and boost your revenue. It might be hard to believe, but all of this work is done completely free of charge. You could take their expert review of your digital marketing strategy and use it on your own to improve profits and grow your business, without paying a cent.

It’s only now that you’ll get your individual pricing plan and be asked to sign a contract. Pretty good, in my opinion.


You don’t need to worry about being short-changed on services. Neil Patel Digital places great emphasis on delivering a holistic digital marketing program, which is why we went for the complete marketing package.

This covers every touchpoint, including social media, email marketing, PPC ads, SEO marketing, and lead capture. You’ll also enjoy expert advice on seeking out new paths for conversion, fine-tuning your marketing and sales funnels, and developing an effective marketing strategy for the long term.

In keeping with Neil Patel’s own principles, everything is based on a solid content marketing foundation. If your content is a little weak, the professionals at Neil Patel Digital will begin by working with you to improve and strengthen it. Awesome content is what drives down CPC on paid ads, increases conversion rates from blog posts, boosts your standing on search engine results pages, and leads to an overall jump in revenue. It’s exactly the type of holistic approach that Neil Patel teaches in his top-reviewed podcast.

You can rely on the company to deliver excellence in every aspect of digital marketing. For example, when it comes to social media marketing, they don’t just stick to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They step beyond, to Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, and even look for niche platforms that serve your target audience and give you an amazing opportunity to establish a solid following.


The only real disappointment about working with Neil Patel Digital is that you are unlikely to get to talk with the man himself. With so many blogs and businesses to run, Neil Patel doesn’t usually get involved directly with marketing clients.

However, all of the people I worked with at Neil Patel Digital are expert marketers who were passionate about their tasks. It’s clear that they’d been well trained in Neil’s approaches and are dedicated to marketing. Everyone I worked with put all their efforts into identifying the best strategies, channels, and tactics for our company.

Additionally, Neil does lend his advice behind the scenes in mapping out the big-picture marketing strategy for each client.

The Bottom Line: Neil Patel Digital Is Worth the Cost

While it’s true that the price is high and the process is long, we felt that the marketing services we received were well worth the cost. We benefited from expert marketing analysis and capabilities that rested directly on Neil Patel’s principles, a passionate and dedicated team who had a measurable effect on our revenue, plus the input of one of the great digital marketers in deciding our overall marketing strategy.

Neil Patel Digital follows through on its promises.

Joydeep Bhattacharya is a digital marketing evangelist who helps brands increase their presence online. He currently covers articles related to startups, new technologies and marketing.

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