Medicare open enrollment begins

Between now and Dec. 7, Medicare will be accepting enrollment for next year.

“As more seniors become eligible for Medicare and enroll this year, it is an excellent time to reflect on how absolutely critical this program is,” Ashleigh Crocker, Communications and Outreach Director for Know Your Care Virginia, said Monday. “We can all be secure in the knowledge that our seniors have the health care coverage they need thanks to the Affordable Care Act and expanded Medicare benefits.”

The Affordable Care Act has made this program is even more valuable than before. In the first eight months of 2012, more than 19 million people took advantage of the provision that covers preventative care without a deductible or co-pay and it is projected that those enrolled in Medicare will save $5,000 through the year 2022 on prescription drugs. This program ensures that seniors are not only healthier, but have more money in their pockets as well.

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