Managing pain without too much medicine consumption

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Whenever chronic pain starts, our first reaction is to rush to the store and fill our pain medications. But is that the right approach? No, because these medications only curb the pain for some time, thus giving temporary relief.

They will never obliterate the pain or cure what is causing it. However, if you want to tackle pain head-on, there are some tactics you can use. Mention below are some tricks to manage the pain without overdosing on the medicines.

Acupuncture and massage

This Chinese technique is quite old and pretty effective too. There are authorized centers that conduct such acupuncture sittings and relieve you of chronic pains. This technique uses tiny needles which are placed in specific pain points to relieve pain sensations.

Massaging the body tissue also reduces pain if done correctly. The benefits of massaging your lower back could last up to 6 months at a stretch.

The use of oil for the massage is beneficial too. You just need to know which oil to choose for that purpose. If nothing works, you can contact Pain management Clinton Md for assistance.

Physical therapy

In Physical therapy, you are taught how you must move your muscles and joints to reduce the pain. It works best as it tries to reduce the pain from the root cause instead of just subduing it for the moment. Physical therapy can be of various types, like therapy in a swimming pool or whirlpool.

It may also comprise regular exercise sessions with fitness experts. Working with pain specialists can teach you how to exercise so as to eliminate the pain.

Hot and cold therapy

By using heat therapy, you can increase the blood flow to the places where you are experiencing pain. You may apply a heat wrap or pad or could just relax in a hot bath. Whichever technique you use, your whole body and soul feel relaxed after heat therapy.

On the other hand, cold therapy slows the blood that flows to a painful joint. The swelling at the place is reduced, and nerves no longer send signals of experiencing any pain. Ice, cold wrap, and ice packs are all useful when thinking of using Cold therapy.

Mind therapy

Sometimes the pain is aggravated by the anxiety and stress you are experiencing. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps teach you how to manage the stress and feelings bothering you.

You can also opt for biofeedback which teaches you how to control the body’s response to any kind of pain. Hypnosis guides you in a deep relaxing mode that helps in pain management too.


Pain of any kind can disturb your life badly. Instead of filling your body with a plethora of pills, you may use any of the above techniques. But, do not rush into adopting all of them at the same time. Give any of these methods a chance to show their effect before considering their efficacy. Also, choose the correct practitioner with caution as not to be duped unnecessarily.

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