How to make your guests come more often to your restaurant?

Restaurant marketing approaches have changed drastically over the years. What worked ten years ago, or even two years ago, doesn’t usually work anymore. It can be a struggle to find new customers for your restaurant with a help of social media, new technologies and more competition than ever before. However, since the mobile devices and the Internet have spread out there has appeared one more tool that can be used to increase the number of visits per client dramatically.

It is known that since the 2016 the number of the time users spend in the most favorite apps exceeds 77% of the overall time they spend using the Internet. This is the reason to pay attention to one option that may help your restaurant business – get to the development of your restaurant app. No, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on development or to learn programming to maintain and update the app. All you need to do is to sign up to the service which a sophisticated mobile app builder for restaurants. Once you develop an app that will be installed on your potential visitor’s device you are going to get an easy way to inform and attract one.

How to Develop a Mobile App for Your Restaurant?

Mobile app development can be really easy if you use a specialized constructor with advanced drag-and-drop editor. All you need to develop a proper app is to think out proper navigation system and have a good taste. However, it is better to describe the process step-by-step:

  • sign in to the service
  • enter the graphical editor interface
  • choose the template that most fits the design you like
  • modify the template as you like
  • do not forget to create specialized sections for menu, news and calendar

Actually the content of your mobile app will fully depend on your business model. For example, if your main catch is in the events you should more rely on sending out push-notifications when the events are taking place and if it is more about the cuisine, then you need to send push-notifications when your chef adds new dishes to the menu or you can also create a blog dedicated to high cuisine.

Anyway, your best way to communicate with people is to customize push-notifications and make sure those are notable and valuable for people those are addressed to. If not you are going to have many de-installations – the common thing for the apps that send out the content users treat as the spammy one.

You also need to make sure the app is not taking too much memory space, as when it comes to the mobile devices, people are usually suffering shortage of memory space, and your app may not possess high priority for your guest and it can be just deleted in case of emergency.


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