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Lynchburg District Weekly Traffic Alert: Week of Jan. 20-24

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Highway work in the Lynchburg District requiring road/lane/structure closures is scheduled, weather permitting. Items in italics contain new/updated information. For up-to-date information, call 511 or visit

District-wide activities:

Crews will perform various maintenance activities throughout the district. Many of these operations will be mobile in nature; however, motorists should anticipate slow moving equipment, the presence of staff, and possible lane/shoulder/road closure. Activities include, but are not limited to bridge maintenance, guardrail maintenance, brush cutting, surface/shoulder work, work orders, mowing, boom axing, drainage work and roadside cleanup.

Amherst County:  

Route 29 Bus (Sweet Briar – Coolwell Rd) – Shoulder and lane closures in north- and southbound lanes for brush cutting. Be alert.

Route 29 (Sweet Briar – Nelson County line) – Lane closures in north- and southbound lanes for unpaved shoulder repairs. Use caution.

Route 60 (635 – 634) – Crew will repair shoulders. Flaggers will assist motorists. 

Route 130 (Route 29 Bus to Route 501) – Crew will repair shoulders.

Routes 630 and 723 – Crew will boom axe. Flaggers will assist.

Route 636, Wares Gap Rd– Rural Rustic project. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Route 692 – Crew will remove trees. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Appomattox County:

Routes 600 and 601, Pamplin area – Crew will boom axe. Flaggers will assist motorists.  

Buckingham County:  


Campbell County:  

Route 29 Bus., Altavista –Closed w/detour during bridge replacement. Est. comp. May 2021.

Route 29 Bus @ 1466 – Construction of right turn lane. Completion – August 21, 2020.

Route 600 – Crew will make slope repairs. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Route 615 – Crew will make shoulder repairs. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Route 622 – Road reconstruction and bridge over Flat Creek. Delays possible. Est. comp. Sept. 2021.

Charlotte County:   

Route 620, Phenix AHQ – Crew will replace mainline pipe.

Route 652, Craftons Gate AHQ – Rural Rustic project.

Cumberland County:  


Halifax County:  

Route 58, Cluster Springs AHQ and 360, Bethel AHQ– Crews will boom axe.

Route 360, Bethel AHQ – Crew will work shoulders.

Route 683 (680-685) – Closed for bridge replacement. Detour 683, VA 360 & 680. Est. comp. – 8/20.


Odd Fellows Road –Temporary lane closures, changes in traffic pattern during project.

Nelson County:  

Route 29 S (623 – Amherst Co. line) – Shoulder repairs will be made during mobile operations. Be alert to slow moving equipment.

Route 56 E (650 – Buckingham Co. line) – Crew will perform shoulder and drainage work. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Route 623 (650 – 29) – Crew will boom axe. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Route 628 – Crew will perform drainage work on Rural Rustic project. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Route 653 (650 – 29) – Crew will cut brush. Flaggers will assist motorists.

Route 655 (665 – 662) – Crew will make shoulder repairs.

Route 686–Flaggers will assist motorists during maintenance work.  

Various secondary routes- Brush cutting; flaggers will assist motorists.

Pittsylvania County:  

Route 29 N over Banister River – One lane of traffic only on bridge. Signs and other traffic control alert motorists to this change.

Route 29, Gretna AHQ – Crew will patch potholes. Lane closures and delays possible.

Route 40 over Pigg River – Construction of temporary bridge adjacent to existing structure. 45 mph in work zone. Watch for construction vehicles entering/exiting work zone. Flagging operations occasionally in use. Estimated completion of temporary structure- summer 2020.

Route 58 E and W, Brosville AHQ – Crew will repair shoulders.

Route 638 (634 – 640) –Closed 1/21 – 2/14 for bridge repairs. Detour via 640, 685, 646, 642 and 634 back to 638.

Route 727 over Fall Creek (745-41) – Road closed 1/27-2/21 for culvert repairs. Detour via 745, 719, 744 and 41 back to 727.

Route 730 over Sandy Creek – Bridge and approach work. Completion October 16, 2020.

Prince Edward County:  

Routes 360 and 460 – Crew will boom axe and cut behind guardrail.

Route 622 (360-624) – Closed for bridge, approach work over NSRR. Detour via 622 to 360 to 360B/460E to 724 and 624 back to 622. Est. comp. September 2020.

Route 652 (690-460) – Closed until February 1, 2020 for bridge replacement. Detour via 460 & 626.

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