Letter: Reader notes support for Emmett Hanger for State Senate

Emmett HangerAlthough I am not in Emmett Hanger’s district, I know his reputation as an outstanding state legislator and encourage those in his district to vote for him on June 11.

Senator Hanger was named in the Top Ten Most Productive State Legislators in the Nation by FiscalNote, a Washington, D. C. data analytics company.  Last year, he was cited as Virginia’s Most Productive Legislator by this group.

Some of the issues which are important to me are education, the environment, and health.  Senator Hanger has an excellent voting record in these areas.  He has received the Friend of Education Award by the Virginia Education Association.  The Chesapeake Bay Foundation named him Legislator of the Year, and he has received awards from the Farm Bureau and other groups for his conservation votes.

Senator Hanger was recently awarded the Free Enterprise Award for Tax Reform and Fiscal Stewardship from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.  He holds leadership position in the General Assembly including co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee. Because of his integrity and knowledge, he has earned the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

He has worked to benefit all Virginians in many ways.  He is a man of principle who does not hesitate to work with others in both parties to see that legislation is passed for the greater good of the state and it’s citizens.

Letter from Karen Whetzel/New Market

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