Letter: Four good candidates for Augusta County sheriff

augusta-county2editsOn November 3rd a new Augusta County sheriff will be elected. I for one can say ill be glad when its over. All four candidates have sacrificed a lot to get the job done. These four guys are an extended part of my family and I truly wish them the best of luck. Nobody knows what its like to call someone you work with a brother or sister, Unless you’ve been a police officer, or a deputy, you wouldn’t know.

I have cried with these guys, and bled with them, and am proud to call these candidates my family. Politics can be a nasty business and one can find out real fast where you stand during this process. I would ask that you say a prayer for the candidates and the members of the sheriff’s office that our friendships and our family stays intact once this is over and that the friendships be mended and differences are put to rest.

I myself have been guilty of being opinionated and have talked instead of listening and giving credit where its due, I guess its the nature of the beast. It doesn’t make it right. There isn’t a moment I wouldn’t come running if one of these guys needed something or called for help. Every one of the candidates have been there when I needed them, both on- and off-duty, and I would do the same for them and have done it. We have seen each other at our best and at our worst.

That being said I have to place a vote on Nov. 3 and will do so. Who I vote for is between me and the button I push. Whoever is elected will become my new boss. You will have my respect and hard work, and I hope together, we can get the job done and keep the family unit intact. Each one of these guys has what it takes to get the job done.

With Warmest regards, 328.

– Letter from Don Moran/Verona

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