Jim Webb takes another step toward possible independent run for president

jim webbJim Webb barely made a ripple in the presidential waters during his brief run for the Democratic Party nomination, but the former U.S. senator seems serious about mounting an independent bid for the White House.

Webb this week hired former Draft Biden national finance director Sam Jones to lead his fundraising operations, and, OK, why would you even have fundraising operations if you didn’t have operations that need funds to support them?

“Americans deserve a new type of bold and honest leader, one who stands miles apart from the bitter theatrics we see before us today,” Jones said in a statement that the Webb campaign released on Thursday.

That itself is another sign. Statements being released by something called a campaign.

And then there’s this from the, ahem, campaign: “After weeks of study, including consultations with ballot experts and independent activists around the country, we have a handle on what it takes to give voters in every state a real choice.”

That was Webb spokesman Craig Crawford in a statement on efforts by what is left over of the Webb apparatus toward gaining ballot access.

Webb couldn’t get out of the 1-2 percent range in the Democratic Party presidential polling before dropping out of the party race in October.

It’s hard to imagine him even getting to that level if he runs as an independent.

His run is as quixotic as the campaign of former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore for the Republican nomination, and that’s saying something, about both guys.

– Story by Chris Graham

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