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Is it time to update your pizza shop POS system?

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As you continue to provide excellent customer service and enticing pizza options to your customers, consider how you can improve your POS system. Whether you’ve been happy with the same system for years or have been struggling to find a safer, more streamlined alternative, learn more about innovative systems, like the Clover Flex, and how you can bring your POS system into the future today.

Streamline Your Process

You need a POS that is easy to use. A major part of training at a pizza shop is teaching new hires the POS system. Unlike older systems, recent advances in POS hardware and software have created an easy process. The Clover Flex is the perfect way to give your servers or cashiers a handheld way to handle transactions. The convenient device looks like a smartphone and enables nearly any type of transaction, including these options:

  • Swipe card
  • Chip card
  • Apple Watch
  • NFC phone
  • E-check

If you have any questions about your POS system, work with a POS provider who offers comprehensive customer service. That way, you can easily train your new staff about the more complicated aspects of your latest POS system and handle any issues promptly.

Improve Security

Older POS systems use outdated software and lack the security of chip readers and other newer systems. If you’ve ever had your credit card data stolen, you know how damaging it is to individuals and businesses. Keep your company and your customers safe by upgrading to a system that uses the latest software with state-of-the-art encryption and other protective features.

Select a Stylish System

From handheld devices to stylish countertop models, the latest POS systems offer a stunning, modern look. Retire your old, boxy technology and give your entire pizza shop an updated look. Whether you’ve recently renovated or not, even an updated POS can improve the professional look of your counter.

Handheld POS systems clear up your countertop and give your waitstaff a professional look. Whether you offer counter service or table service at your pizza shop, create a sleek new way for your customers and employees to interact and complete transactions.

Save Time and Money

Choose a POS system for your pizza shop that doesn’t require contracts, setup fees or any additional equipment costs. The latest technology and industry-leading service providers can offer many options for free or at a discounted price. All you pay for is the processes fees. This allows you to save money, create easy invoices and avoid long-term commitments on technology that may be updated in the near future.

Modern systems in particular are easy to set up and require little upfront costs. This allows you to try out your new system and change plans whenever is convenient for you. Stay relevant and keep your pizza business moving forward.

Update Your Pizza Shop Today

Shop for the latest POS system today to update your pizza shop and improve your customer service. Try out the new Clover Station and discover how this innovative system can help you achieve higher sales, streamline your hiring process and save money on a commitment-free processing system.

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