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How to spend Bitcoins without a debit card

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Currently, we can pay with Bitcoin for almost anything. This most popular cryptocurrency has been conquering the online market for over a decade. Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin is also taking over the world of mobile gambling as another attractive payment method for online casinos. In addition, you can pay with Bitcoin without using a debit card. That being said, there are many places to spend digital currency.

What is Bitcoin?

It is a non-cash payment method that appeared in 2009. Bitcoin is very popular in the online shopping world and gives users the ability to make instant transfers that take only a few minutes. After a short time, funds are usually available in our account. The fact is that bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is a form of encrypted mathematical notation that unites chains of transactions made with its help.

The big advantage of Bitcoin is not only the instant execution of financial transactions but also the anonymity of the user. Cryptocurrencies are immeasurable, which means it’s almost impossible to contact the person who made the Bitcoin transaction. And although this complete freedom of action is a big plus for people using digital money, it is no longer such a great solution for companies whose products and services are paid for in cryptocurrencies.

A good example is the prestigious Australian online casino. Bitcoin casino games provide their players with the ability to make payments in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The problem is that the anonymity of the digital currency prevents the casino from verifying the players who use it. Therefore, if a decision has arisen to pay with bitcoins at an online casino, we should be ready for additional verification.

Ways to spend cryptocurrency

To make transactions with bitcoins or use them to play in a casino, you need to have a hardware wallet. Thus, we will have a place to store cryptocurrencies and use them in online transactions.

Putting bitcoin in a wallet is not difficult, and we can do it in a number of ways. Some best are the bitcoin exchange, bitcoin ATMs and others.

The order of operations with bitcoins is based on the same principle as with electronic wallets. Every transfer is secure and instant. The downside is that each of these transactions is subject to a small fee.

A very important point when paying with bitcoins is that after the transaction is approved, we will not be able to cancel it. For this reason, you should carefully check every detail and make sure that you have entered the desired amount before deciding to transfer.

Where are bitcoins accepted?

More and more merchants, including multi-billion dollar businesses, have chosen to accept bitcoin when paying for goods and services this year. Some of them are e-commerce websites, and there are also a growing number of traditional merchants who also accept cryptocurrency.

Places of sale of goods and services for digital currency:

  1. Microsoft, one of the world’s most influential IT companies, gives you the ability to add bitcoins to your user accounts and then spend them on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox to buy apps, games and video content.
  2. Major online retailers offer various goods, such as clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics and furniture, for the opportunity to pay with bitcoins.
  3. Cryptocurrency is especially popular among computer and electronics sellers.
  4. Collection of discounts. Many trading companies are focused on accumulating bitcoins. Therefore, companies offer their products at a discount to those customers who want to buy bitcoins through PayPal. The service gives discounts up to 20% for buyers with bitcoins.
  5. Another way to buy products and services with virtual currency is with a gift card. The cards can then be exchanged for exclusive merchandise at a discounted price.
  6. Traditional shops. First of all, we are talking about jewelery stores. There are outlets that exclusively use bitcoins. In other cases, the buyer uses a mixed payment system of his choice.
  7. Cryptocurrency allows you to avoid paying commissions at exchange offices and carry too much cash with you. Some high-end hotels have switched to bitcoin payment systems.
  8. At the moment, bars and restaurants that accept bitcoins can be considered the exception rather than the general rule. Fortunately, these are often the most presentable holiday destinations.
  9. Another change that has recently led to a massive shift of merchants to bitcoin is the adoption of digital currency by online payment providers.
  10. Purchase of services for bitcoins. It’s about a lot of possibilities. For example, paying for cable TV or getting an education.
  11. Bitcoin has found many supporters in the online service community. ISPs will happily provide online hosting for your website or server in exchange for bitcoins.
  12. One of the most popular destinations for bitcoin owners is online gambling. Done right, it’s easy to see that the rates are fair by tracking payments using blockchain or other resources.
  13. Charity. Would you rather spend your bitcoins for good purposes or as a reward? There are several specialized funds that accept cryptocurrency donations.

If we focus on express transactions and anonymous transactions at online casinos, Bitcoin is the perfect solution for us. It’s secure, discreet, easy to use, and provides instant transfers of our funds. Its popularity is constantly growing, covering more and more types of human activity. The procedure for buying goods with bitcoins is quite simple. Therefore, every day there are more and more opportunities for bitcoin owners.

Story by Jameson Mount

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