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How to kick-start a career in badminton

Everybody wants to do what makes them happy, and if it puts food on the table, the better. Such is the possibility of pursuing a career in one of the greatest sports in the world. Badminton has been a majored part of whom we are, and over the years, the sport has been played by both young and old as a form of entertainment. Many who are exceptionally talented at the sport have been able to make a living out of it, and beyond putting a meal on the table, it has even helped many become wealthy. Most players want to become professionals in the game but they don’t have the right knowledge to achieve their goals. In this article, we are going to enlighten you on how you can kick-start a career in badminton.

Getting in shape

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At first glance, badminton may seem like a rather flexible sport where you don’t really need a lot of muscles, strength, and stamina. Well, interesting as that may sound, it is far from being the fact. Badminton requires these things, and if you wish to become a pro at it, you need to get started on some important training activities, some of which are highlighted below.

A typical badminton workout program entails

  • Taking part in cardio training – this means running at least three times a week.
  • Add some light weight training – the target is not to become so bulky and muscular but to grow fit and strong in order to withstand the grueling times on the court.
  • Consider hiring or working with a personal trainer who can help you maintain an exercise routine that fits your badminton goals and schedule.

Learn the basics of badminton

In order to kick-start a career in badminton, you need to equip yourself with a good understanding of the basic rules of the sport, many of which you will find on sportsuncle, and just like every other sports or activities, this takes time to master.

Some vital elements you should learn include:

  • Learn the different types of shots
  • Understand the different tactics
  • Teach and train yourself footwork
  • Train your mentality
  • Learn how to hold and use a racket

Start practicing

Practice makes perfection, right? In fact one practice isn’t enough in badminton as you need to practice, practice, and practice if you want to pursue a career in this sport. There is no shortcut to greatness in badminton, and the only way to the top is via continually training and practicing so that you can always get the better of you opponents. Psychologists report that it takes about 5 years or approximately 1,000 hours to become a master at an activity something involving sports.

Play against worthy opponents

As a starter, it is very important for you to always play against those that are better than you whenever you are practicing. Even before you take the outright step to become a pro in badminton, you should regularly play against people who challenge you.

Join academy

In today’s digital age, it is always tempting to always want to learn tings online. Even though this is a good practice in itself, you still need to find a good academy to join if you want to kick start a professional career in badminton. An academy comprises of experts, coaches, qualified professionals, and advanced players all of whom are vital elements in the development of a young badminton player. The level of exposure you will get if you join an academy can never be compared with months of learning skills and tactics online.

Start playing tournaments

Badminton is quite similar to other sports in terms of the structure of its competitions. Before you can become an international player, you first need to win in district, state, and national tournament levels. So, if you throw yourself into many tournaments, you will become more experienced as you will surely lose in some and win in some. This is the perfect way up for an aspiring professional badminton player. If you are lucky enough to school in college, middle or high school that has a functioning badminton team or program, make sure you sign up with as soon as possible.

How badminton players earn money

Many players, even those that are quite good, end up quitting the sport because of money factor. In the first 3-4 years, you will only be paying expenses and fees without earning no money from the sport. However, once you start getting involved in some mid-sized tournaments, you will start to get sponsorships from academies. Many academies will offer to sponsor your racquets and shuttles, while also practicing with them. Some may even offer you stipends. By and large, winnings are the major sources of income of any badminton player, and unless you are very famous and good, endorsements may be hard to come by.