How to find safe plastic surgery in Mexico

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are among the most popular types of medical procedures being performed across the world, but these procedures are also expensive, at least in America. That is why many patients opt to visit other countries where plastic surgery is cheaper so that they can receive the treatment they need.

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Mexico is one of the more popular destinations for medical tourism in the world, owing to its close proximity to the United States and the cheaper price of plastic surgery procedures. In fact, Mexico is one of the countries that have the highest number of people choosing plastic surgery, along with the United States and Brazil. However, many people interested in trying plastic surgery in Mexico wonder whether it is safe or not. It can be, but they need to do the proper research and preparation first.

Are There Unsafe Plastic Surgeons in Mexico?

Yes, there are, but that goes for any country where a lot of plastic surgery procedures are performed. There will always be unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of those seeking medical help. Mexico is one of those places where any doctor can claim to be a plastic surgeon even if that is not their specialty.

Those doctors can take online courses in order to get a quick and easy accreditation in order to bypass the years of study and practice it takes to become a legitimate plastic surgeon. That is why prospective patients should be alert to the so-called cosmetic surgeons who are not qualified to perform even the most basic procedures. Fortunately, there is a simple way to discover which Mexican cosmetic surgeons are safe and legitimate.

How To Find Safe Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

All certified Mexican plastic surgeons are certified by AMCPER, which is the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. Any surgeon who is AMCPER certified has to go through six years of general medicine, three to four years of general surgery, three years of plastic surgery and must take a one-year clinical residency.

Once they have attained their certification, the surgeon needs to take regular training courses in order to maintain their certification. So legitimate Mexican plastic surgeons are just as qualified as any other plastic surgeon anywhere else in the world. You can find out if the surgeon with whom you are interested in consulting is AMCPER certified by visiting the website. It has an online directory of all the certified surgeons that you can search for by their name or by their city.

Guidelines For Plastic Surgery Tourists

Make Sure That The Clinic is Clean and Modern – A certification is no good if the equipment is outdated. Research the latest tools needed for the procedure(s) you are interested in and ask the surgeon if their clinic has them.

Read Online Reviews – Find out what other patients have to say about the surgeon in whom you are interested. Reviews can be faked, but a good surgeon should have so many reviews that faking all of them would be difficult or impossible.

Consider Recovery and Follow-up Care – It is necessary to stay in the place where the surgery was performed for at least a week to prevent complications, like blood clots. But even properly performed procedures sometimes have complications, so you need to think about where you will rest and recover following the surgery and what you will do should any complications arise.

Plastic Surgery in Mexico Is a Sensible Choice

As long as the proper research and preparation are done beforehand, plastic surgery in Mexico is as safe as it is anywhere else in the world. Mexico has a high number of qualified plastic surgeons who are capable of performing any procedure you need. So, if you are interested in medical tourism, Mexico should be your first destination.

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