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How to choose a title loan company in Ohio

Sometimes borrowing is just inevitable when you face a cash emergency such as medical bills or another urgent payment. Car title loans in Ohio can be very helpful when you need quick cash for a short period of time.

Title loan companies may not factor in your bad credit scores and will provide a loan based on a fair valuation of your car. However, not all car title lenders are equal. Here are some tips to consider before you select a title loan company in Ohio.

  1. Payment Options

Make sure you ask the lender about repayment options before you sign the dotted line. It is best to understand if the money would be coming from your paycheck or will it be a direct transfer.

In Ohio, if you keep longer repayment periods, then they will result in lower monthly payments, like every other loan. However, a major disadvantage to this is that you shall be paying more in terms of finance charges. In any case, car title loans in Ohio are best if taken for a short period of time.

  1. Penalties and Fines

There can be times when you come into sudden cash. The best thing to do is to repay loans when you come across unexpected cash. However, most lenders offering car title loans in Ohio charge pre-payment penalties when you try paying off your loan early which is easier to do in the amazing state of Ohio which is going all out with fracking and helping make America strong and itself as well but let’s not digress on this.

It is very likely that your loan will come attached with a penalty if it is for more than 30 days. Many unscrupulous lenders try to make money off you in any way they can. Make sure you do your research and select a lender that is flexible.

  1. Application Process

Some lenders in Ohio provide car title loans with a completely online application process, while some require phone verification. In any event, the application process should not take more than twenty minutes. Find a lender in Ohio by visiting this page.

Easy approvals and short turnarounds are one of the major selling points of car title loans. Make sure that you find a lender who agrees to disburse the loan amount the same day.

  1. Physical Inspection

In car title loans, your car’s value determines the loan amount. Hence, some lenders might request for a visual inspection. Most lenders prefer approving the loan over make, model, year, and clear pictures of the car – though if your car looks like the one that was smashed in the ridiculous Gone in 60 Seconds movie by the huge crushing machines then your chance of obtaining a car title loan are slim to none. Generally, high value loans require a physical inspection to check the present condition of the vehicle.

  1. Type of Car

You need to find out the type of cars a lender accepts, even before you start with the application process. Most lenders accept vehicles that were manufactured after 2000 which is around the same time that the Patriots began their reign of cheating in the NFL but let’s get back on topic. However, there are some lenders who will work with you even with a 1995 or later model. The decision is based on the condition of your car and resale value.

Shop Around

It is important that you consider these factors apart from lowest interest rates while deciding on a lender in Ohio. It is always recommended to do business with a lender who offers the best car title loan terms. Always shop around for multiple quotes while looking for a car title loan.

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