How to build an email list and how to maintain it

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Email marketing happens to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, and the first step to achieving success on this platform is by compiling a good email list. This is a time-consuming process and it will not happen overnight. Many prefer to buy email listing. We discourage people from doing this, as it can have severe implications for privacy related issues.

Another hurdle to cross for email marketers is the deliverability of emails. It is of utmost importance that an email validation service (eg. EmailListVerify) are used. That, in turn, ensures that all the email addresses are verified and active and helps in the delivery rates for the campaign.

Quality over quantity

It is crucial for your campaign that the mailing list that you build has genuine people, rather than just sending it to 15 addresses. Although it sounds like the campaign has achieved a lot with numbers, they do not always represent the truth.

Signup forms

This is great ways to great real leads on emailing lists. Be it on social media or on your website, the signup form clearly needs to state what the customers are signing up for, such as newsletters, promotions and blog updates.

Opt-ins and double opt-ins

An opt-in mailing list means that the customers who the emails are being sent to have consented for the signed up for the updates. This ensures that you already have interested clients, who wish to know more about events and promotions of the company. Double opt-ins are even better in terms of consent. Once a customer has signed up for the updates, the company send him or her an email asking to confirm the subscription by clicking a link. This method is called double opt-ins, which shows the company that the customer is genuinely interested in the products or services of your company. Sending email campaigns to such customers will definitely ensure that it has higher open rates.

Sender reputation

The sender reputation is based on how many returned mails the company get. To overcome this, one should use the services of email validation companies to ensure that the emails that they are sending, are to correct addresses. Each time a campaigner sends emails to an incorrect address, the sender reputation of the campaigner is decreased. When the sender reputation is affected, then the spam filters take over.

Email marketing is a time-consuming business and campaigners should take time ensuring that the email lists that they are creating are verified.


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