How social media affects Major League Baseball

baseballSocial media what would we do without you? How would we connect with people in other parts of the world? Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms have changed the whole landscape of how we do things. The world has turned into a global village. Now, you can play online games with a welcome offer at pala casino anytime you want, for one.

A lot of businesses and industries have implemented social media in various fields. Baseball has not been left behind.

Do you remember how baseball was before social media? I don’t mean that baseball has changed as a sport. It is still played the same: a bat, gloves and caps.

What are the effects of social media on baseball?

The first time the Major League Baseball was officially sanctioned there were a few conditions which needed to be met. This was to ensure that the teams would use social media for a positive purpose.

However, social media did not only open up a platform for teams but other individuals such as bloggers and journalists. Here is a look at some of the key roles individuals have had on the coverage of social media on baseball.

  1. The League.

The MLB has full control of the content which gets uploaded on social media. As mentioned earlier when the league officially sanctioned the use of social media there was a need for some rules to be followed. This eventually led to the league having ultimate control.

You might be thinking how can a large franchise have ultimate control of their digital content? This has been made possible by the use of Major League Baseball Advanced Media. The league has been doing so well in controlling their digital footprint that other major franchises such as WWE, PGA and NHL depend on them.

The MLB controls all the content which is uploaded by each of the 32 MLB clubs. The clubs have been put under such a tight space that they do not have ultimate control of their social media accounts.

  1. The Players.

A baseball player is like you and I. The same way you feel the need to post about your life so do baseball players. However, due to the status, some have gone the extra mile to employ people to manage their social media accounts.

This means that before a baseball player posts anything, there is a need for the post to go under scrutiny. Hey, a baseball is like a celebrity and if they post something completely wrong then the world would go down in flames. And I don’t mean literally.

One of the reasons why baseball players have people to run their accounts its because these days the MLB is using social media to draft their boards. Thus if you are looking to join the league, be careful of what you put on social media.

  1. The Journalist.

What is the main work of a journalist? It is to keep you informed of the news that is happening all over the world. Well, social media has given rise to bloggers. They basically use the power of social media to spread the news.

Bloggers and journalists can break or make the MLB. They can spread news fast, and when you know certain news is trending then you know it is bound to be  “true.”

Social media is here to stay and it will have both positive and negative implications on the MLB. Do you think social media is worth it?

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