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How rich kids take over Instagram and other social media platforms?

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The year 2019 is the most unambiguous reflection of what we call all glow and glamour. There is a massive increase in the trend of the picture-posting and taking to heart how many likes you get. It won’t be wrong to say that the social media world has taken some massive steps to secure its importance for the next few years. While rich kids are always on trending, they get a massive number of spotlight wherever they go. What if we tell you that there are separate accounts on Instagram dedicated to the research about rich kids? However, if you want to know the tiniest details of what goes on in the lives of rich kids, you need to see the research about rich kids here. On these accounts, each of their moves is captured and presented as a new resolution from the United Nations?

Let’s dig and see what common thing we found in all the rick kids that have taken over social media like a storm:

No Car, No Spotlight

After doing a lot of analysis when going through these pictures, trying to find out what is typical between the majority of the rich kids, and it will be an understatement if we say that cars are just for driving. The rich kids have taken over social media with their lavish cars that speak a language of money and glamour itself. It was noted that these star kids have a knack for Lamborghini. Now, while many would say that it is evident for them to have one of the most expensive cars in the world, is it a coincidence that over 40% of them had pictures with Lamborghini Aventador? We don’t think so.

Ace of Spades

If you have a $225 bottle of Champaign and you didn’t post it on Instagram, did you even have it? Researching about the star kids, we found a lot of things amusingly every day between a handful of people. 22% of these star kids tend to have posted their pictures with Armand De Brignac. Now the question arises that do these kids not take anything lower than the most expensive things — even champagne?

Maturity is Outdated

We did not feel any less than Sherlock Holmes when catering to our mission of analyzing thousands of profiles, and we found a vast difference between rich kids who post genuine pictures and the kids that stage their photos for the sake of likes and comments, displaying the wealth.  A display of glamour may be candy to the eyes to an extent; after that, it gives a vibe of you being the brand of privilege. We saw many pictures posted by the rich kids that were evidence themselves that they are staged, we were not so impressed by them stepping the highlife.

Glamourous pictures can make your Instagram and social media feed very stunning, but it also portrays the wrong image, providing a wrong mindset to the people. This makes them think that the only thing that matters in life is wealth, which is not valid. Sure money is significant, but there are more important things in life like how good of a person you are.

Let us know if you agree with us or not?

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