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How email verifiers work: And why you need one

Every individual who has tried many marketing strategies understands that email marketing email marketing is a proven and accurate strategy of marketing, and the brilliant thing about it is the metrics – you can simply measure your progress every step of the way. One of the purposes of sending out email campaigns is to generate promotions, and this is exactly what you get with email marketing. Rates of delivery, conversion, click-through rates, and opening rates are amongst the growing list of parameters currently measured by email marketers so as to measure the progress of any email campaign. Have you ever tried sending out some messages to an email address you got from a friend and you realized that your message bounced back? This is one of the challenges that email marketers face every day of their lives. However, thanks to advancements, there is now a trusted solution. Email address validity is one of the most important metrics measured in email marketing today, after all, the more valid your email list is, the better the performances of your email campaigns. Therefore, the importance of email verification cannot be understated because it is very paramount in ensuring that you are sending your campaigns to existing and valid email addresses only. You can verify your email list addresses through the help of email verifiers, but what exactly are email verifiers?


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An email verifier, in simple terms, is a desktop or mobile tool that allows a business person or an email marketer to verify the authenticity of a single or bulk email addresses. However, most of the email verifiers you will find in the world today are mostly online service tools and this is to ensure that you can always access your tools anytime and anywhere. It is so fluid and flexible to use an email verifier because you only need an internet connection to access it and you can grant anyone an access to help you verify your email list addresses in case you are not able to do so. There are many email verification service tools out there today, but not all are features-rich and options-packed like this one.


We will let you in on some of the major features of any awesome email verifier:


One of the major causes of email invalidity is the manner in which it has been spelt. If an email address has been spelt wrongly, there is every tendency that your email campaign will either bounce back or get delivered to a wrong address, which won’t be so good for your brand’s reputation. A core feature of a good email verifier is the syntax check, which will help you validate an email by checking whether the address has been spelt correctly – has no commas, syntax errors, and no spaces etc. This is the first step of the email verification process.


This is the second core feature of the verifier. It will give you confidence as to whether the domain name on which the address is hosted actually exists. You don’t want to send an email campaign to gmail host when you are meant to send to an outlook host.


This is the most sophisticated feature of an email verifier. This feature allows the email verifier service to ping the email address with an “EHLO” message. The sole aim of this ping is to receive a response from the email server which will confirm the existence and activity of the concerned email.


You don’t want a collection of fake and invalid email addresses on your email list; therefore it is important to verify the validity of the addresses present on your list.


Without email verification, there is no way anyone can tell whether an address is real and active or not. Email verifier will help you validate the list of email addresses you have, so that you can then highlight the active and relevant ones to send your email campaign to.


During the subscription stage on your website or store, many users may wrongfully or intentionally fill in wrong addresses. By automatically accepting all these email addresses, without verifying them, you are running the risk of flooding your email list with invalid and undeliverable email addresses. By and large, email verifier will help you reduce your rate of bounce back emails.


If the ratio of bounce back emails from your end is becoming excessive, it will have a negative impact on your server reputation. A poor server IP reputation may result in blacklisting by some popular email services provider. This is further proof that you need an email verifier, so that you can successfully filter your email list before sending out your email campaigns.


Some individuals only verify new email lists upon their creation, or emails they receive from unverified sources. However, a good act is to verify your email list from time to time because of the possibility of some email addresses becoming invalid and inactive over time.

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