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Fun things to do in Georgia

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Whether you already live in the state or are visiting for a special trip, there are so many things to do in the wonderful state of Georgia. So if you’re looking for fun for the whole family, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at a few popular attractions in one of the most popular states, so you know what you can do whether you’re there for a week or a weekend.

  1. Gambling

With new state gambling legislation being discussed, the landscape for all bettors in and out of state could be set to change real soon. Many states have reacted to the Supreme Court ruling that now allows more prevalence for online gambling sites. This gives loads of options no matter what you’re doing in Georgia, and could mean you could place a bet while on the move.

If you prefer more traditional gambling options, there are still some in the area. While land-based casinos are limited, there are casinos like the Emerald Princess which operate from the river in Brunswick. One thing’s for sure, the gambling climate could change dramatically over the next few years, so keep a look out for what might change. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy places like those showing you how to download bet365 mobile app no matter where you’re located.

  1. Golf

Georgia is quite simply one of the greatest states for golf. Both watching and playing. You probably already know that The Masters takes place in Augusta each year. While becoming a member and actually playing there is incredibly difficult, you could enjoy a weekend watching some of the best golf stars in the world in April.

If you’d rather play a round than watch one, there are tons of options all over the state for you to enjoy—both expensive and more affordable ones.

  1. Theme parks

Georgia has some great theme parks including Wild Adventures, Six Flags and more. There’s something for the whole family at these parks no matter what type of rides you enjoy, and you can combine your theme park visit with one of the other fun attractions on this list.

  1. Atlanta

Atlanta needs a category to itself. It’s a world famous city with loads of different attractions, like the historic downtown as well as the Coca-Cola museum and more.

  1. National parks

You won’t be surprised to know that Georgia has some amazing wildlife and nature in the form of some of the best National Parks in the country. These include Cumberland Island and much more.

  1. Shopping

Georgia has some of the best shopping options that you might come to expect from any major state. These include all your favourites in downtown and further Atlanta, as well as outer town shopping villages and more.

  1. Museums

There’s a ton of history in Georgia. A lot of this has to do with colonial times and the civil war, but it isn’t just limited to that. There are loads of great museums from Atlanta to Savannah and beyond.

  1. Beaches

Georgia has a range of beaches and other amenities that go with them. Because of the great year-round weather, Georgia is actually one of the better places for beach vacations in America, but it’s still highly underrated.

Hopefully, you’ve found enough options for you and your family in Georgia. If you’ve only got a few days, how are you going to cram it all in?! It’s one of the greatest states there are, and more and more people are enjoying it every year. You could be next.

Story by Olivia Johnson 

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