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Facebook is out and niche platforms are in  

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Facebook may boast over a billion years around the globe but they’re not the social network that they once were. People are striving for real connections with real people – and Facebook is failing to deliver.

What started out as a social network to help people connect with friends and family has turned into a platform to help businesses to market to everyone who simply wants to feel less lonely in the world. The data that people enter to connect to people are shared with businesses in order to show them more appropriate ads.

Now, it leads any people searching their feed in order to find meaningful posts from their friends and family.

With Facebook failing to do what it set out to do, more niche platforms are popping up. These are platforms that are focused on one specific audience or one specific goal. It allows people to choose the platforms they want to use based on what it is they are trying to accomplish. As these people are finding the new platforms, their Facebook profiles are becoming a thing of the past.

Why is Facebook going away? Recent statistics have shown that approximately 72.4 percent of the North American population has accessed the social network. That’s a lot of people – and it’s easy to get lost.

SoSa is one of the niche platforms that have looked to stand out as a better solution for those who want to connect and make friends like when people are young. With the idea of “chat, play, share” they provide real people who are looking to make real connections. That’s done with weekly game nights and other activities that will bring people together.

Facebook has become the place where profiles go to die. People aren’t as active as they once were on it because they want the niche platforms. Even Strava has gained momentum, offering a platform for those who are runners and cyclists to share their love of fitness with one another. On Facebook, if you’re not a business or not connected in the right groups, you’re not getting the full social effect anymore – and people are responding by avoiding the connection at all.

10 years ago, people had no choice but to use Facebook because it was virtually the only one around. As people learned that there was more to the world wide web than MySpace, they moved on. Now, dozens of new platforms are popping up each and every year – and it’s a game-changer for those who want real connections.

It’s all about finding the right platform (or platforms) based on what a person wants to do online. Crafters can seek out Pinterest, photography buffs can head to Instagram, while those who want real friendships with people around the globe can use SoSa.

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