Even Osama bin Laden acknowledged climate change

bin ladenYour average Republican will tell you climate change is bunk. Osama bin Laden, otherwise stuck in the sixth century, conceded the 21st century reality.

Drought in Africa and flooding in Pakistan were evidence of climate change, wrote bin Laden, in a letter addressed to “My Islamic Nation,” recovered from the compound in Abbotabad in which he was hiding and ultimately killed by U.S. forces in a 2011 raid.

In the letter, bin Laden warns that people “victimized by the current climate change” is “expected to rise.”

The letter addressed bin Laden’s desire to see Muslims band together to address humanitarian needs of those impacted by climate change.

“You have seen one of your Muslim brothers in Pakistan, covered in water up to his chest while trying with both hands to hold two of his five- or six-year-old children above water. So, have you wondered what might have happened to the rest of his children, or haven’t you heard about the women who are imploring you by Allah, the Glorious and Almighty, divine right to come to their rescue. It is incumbent, upon everyone who is capable, to aid the Muslims in Pakistan and demonstrate concern towards their precious being.

“Millions of children are left in the open, without a suitable living environment, including good drinking water, which has exposed them to dehydration, dangerous diseases and higher death rates. I pray to Allah Almighty to grant them both relief and mercy.”

Bin Laden cited the “high frequency of such disasters caused by climate change” as the impetus for the establishment of a Muslim relief organization that could deal with the “more frequent, diverse and massive consequences of climate changes.”

But then, bin Laden wasn’t trying to win an election in Fox News America.

– Column by Chris Graham

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