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Doing up a home doesn’t have to be expensive

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A lot of people put off doing up their homes because they think it will cost them a fortune. In some cases, it does, but there are also a lot of hacks we can use to make it far more economical for us. Let’s take a look at a few for some inspirational ideas of giving a home a makeover.


MDF has gotten a bit of a bad reputation over the years, but it does a great job. It’s far cheaper than wood and does a similar job. We can’t make tables and chairs out of the stuff, but it’s great for other smaller things.

It can be used for small shelves in kids’ rooms. Don’t put too much weight on it, though, as it can sag. The best way to use it is for the doors on kitchen cabinets or a bedroom closet. It will make them look like new and won’t cost a lot.

DIY Cushions

It’s easy for a sofa to start to look old and for the cushions to look tatty. Well, why not make new cushion covers? These can be expensive for what they are in the stores, so buy some fabric and make them. We don’t HAVE to sew either; a simple glue gun will do the trick.

Ask Friends and Family

We’ve been surprised in the past when we’ve mentioned to friends and family that we’re looking for a piece of furniture, and they’ve had something they don’t use anymore. Asking around is an excellent idea to get some new bits for a home. They may donate it or sell it for a fraction of the price someone else would.

Use Throws and Rugs

Has that old armchair in the corner seen better days? Maybe it has a few scuffs that make it look older than it. Don’t head out to buy a new one just yet. Using small blankets or throws to cover up the ugly areas is fast and easy.

For a tired-looking wooden floor, we can use rugs. They quickly give a different look to the room and hide what lies beneath.

Charity Shops

Heading to the charity shop can get us some lovely pieces these days. They tend to be cheap, so it’s easy to pick up a few at a time. If they’re looking a little old, why not paint them white or black? This works great on a variety of items.

Time for a Makeover

So, don’t just sit back while the clock is ticking. Impress friends and family by giving the house a new look for a fair price. These are just a few ideas. Get creative and see what other changes can be made on a budget.

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