Do you need a snow blower in Augusta?

Whether or not you need a snow blower in Augusta depends on whether you experience snow falls and how often. Augusta is a city in the state of Georgia. It is the second largest city, the biggest being Atlanta. Owing to this city’s geographical location, it has a rather humid subtropical climate. The town has short and mild summers, humid summers and can get very hot. Augusta is somewhat elevated compared to Atlanta reducing the frequency of snowfalls here. Now that we have established the kind of climate Augusta city has, do you still think you need a snow blower? Well, you certainly do, and you can easily find a snow blower online. Here is what you need to know about snow blowers.


Snow blowers’ prices range from about $300 to about $2000, though you can find a few that are even more expensive. Generally, corded snow blowers are the least expensive, but have a limitation with the area you can clear snow, and are not as powerful. You can opt for a battery powered snow blower, which is a bit cheaper as compared with a diesel-powered machine, but it’s not as powerful, and can inconvenience you when it runs out of power and needs to be recharged. Snow blowers powered by gasoline engines are the best. They are the most efficient, but come with a higher price tag.

Even though, Augusta does not get frequent of heavy snowfall, the size of your compound, or length of your driveway can be a factor when getting a snow blower. If you have a small compound, you can do with a simple shovel, but a corded snow blower can do a better job when snow falls, or just a simple battery powered machine. Get a gasoline-powered blower if you compound is large.

Snow Blower Models

Snow blowers are classified into single, two and three-stage models. These stages determine the blower’s power and ability to suck in and throw out the snow. Single-stage blowers have just an auger that directs snow out of a chute. This model is not as powerful, but gets work done if the snow is not as thick and not too much. This model is ideal for small compounds, and is relatively cheap. The two-stage model has an auger and a propeller. The propeller is a kind of fun that forces the snow out with more power than when the auger works alone. It throws the snow further away than the single-stage blower. The third model is the three-stage blower. This machine has an auger, a propeller, and a stronger engine. This machine costs a lot more, but is ideal for heavy-duty jobs since it sucks in more snow and throws it the farthest. In Augusta, you would not really need this blower since you are unlikely to experience a very heavy fall, but it is always good to stay on the safe side.

Wheels and Tracks

You already by now have an idea about snow blowers power source. You know about corded machines that utilize electricity from a power socket, you know about the battery powered that you have to keep recharging and the gasoline machines that you will need to fill up with gas. As we mentioned earlier, if you do not get heavy snowfall, then you can do with a simple shovel, but just to make work easier, you can get a battery powered snow blower.

Another issue involves the wheels on your blowers. Many people tend to forget about this important aspect, and end up buying machines without considering their terrain. Even if you live in Augusta, where you do not frequently get heavy snowfall, if your driveway is steep and you compound is inclined, then you’d need a snow blower with tracks rather than one with wheels. The tracks increase traction and enable the machine to move easily on the steep slopes. You can have yourself a little tanker like machine if your fancy being a soldier! If, on the other hand, your compound is flat, then you can make do with one with normal wheels. Just do not forget to consider this when getting a blower.

Check Ratings and Reviews

Now that we know a thing or two about snow blowers, you need to know that there are different companies manufacturing these machines. Different brands can have different performances depending on the quality of those machines. You can find two brands whose machines have exactly the same features, but whose performances are very different. Before settling on one of these machines, it would be helpful to take some time and do some research. Check customer reviews online and ratings to determine the best machine. This is a machine you’ll probably buy once in your lifetime, so try and get the best.


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