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Digital marketing made simple

Good digital marketing strategies will enable a business to launch a product successfully or boost its sales significantly. A comprehensive digital marketing policy requires a grasp of social media, blogs, SEO (search engine optimization), email lists and much more. If you are about to launch a product or business, then digital marketing is an indispensible tool especially if your target market encompasses the millennial.

1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a wide phrase that sums up all promotion channels and techniques that you utilize to market services or products on the web and on electronic devices such as mobile phones, television and electronic billboards.

2. Before creating a marketing strategy carry out a feasibility study:

Study your main competitor from their websites: their sales process and marketing strategies. Understand their past and current strategies so that you know how to maneuver your market niche.

Study your market: Select your customers and center your digital marketing on your perfect demographic.

Imitate any strategies that have made your competitors succeed.

Develop your image and brand name.

3. Online marketing channels

Most channels cost little or nothing at all. You should begin with what you can handle and then improve on it. As you progress, you will acquire new skills that will enable you to engage your online audience effectively. The following are tactics that you may employ to fulfill your marketing objectives:

Website Marketing

It is a powerful channel that should be the focal point of your marketing campaigns. Design your website in a way that represents your brand, services and products effectively. The website should be user friendly and fast.

Email Marketing

This is an excellent method of direct communication with your customers because most people prefer messages delivered by email. After getting a go ahead to contact your customers via email, you can proceed to send emails such as: newsletters, sales, product releases and useful guides.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will enable you: promote your services/products, connect with your clients and establish relationships. These platforms provide a two-way communication and enquiry channel. Be prompt to respond to questions and comments you receive because the more interactive your page the more effective your marketing.

Video marketing

Research has established that 80% of online users visit a business website after viewing a video. Generate videos of people using your services/products or testimonies for your product. You can then share the videos via Vimeo, YouTube, on your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is the process of improving your website for effective search results. The objective of SEO is help your website achieve higher ranking by delivering quality results when someone types a query into a search engine and obtain free (organic) traffic. The ranking of websites by search engines is based on approximately 200 factors, quality results being one of them. There are three main sub-processes of SEO: Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO and On-Page SEO. Optimize your website by making it user-friendly, technically strong and utilize pertinent keywords.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Is an advertising model that enables you to reach internet users on various networks through paid ads. You contract social media channels and search engines to generate ads and market your product. It called pay per click because every time a user clicks on your ads you pay a set fee to the provider. You can set up your campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Bing or LinkedIn. SEO and PPC campaigns constitute what is referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Content Marketing

This is a marketing channel that focuses on what to publish (content), the target and when to publish. The major instruments are: Blogs, eBooks, online Courses, info graphics, podcasts and webinars

Affiliate Marketing

Is a marketing channel where you promote products from other people and earn a commission when the result is a sale or lead introduction. It provides you the means to involve people in your brand and get a commission for selling their products.

Influencer Marketing

Is a process that involves collaboration between brands and social media influencers to market a brand’s products. Examples of influencers are fashion and beauty bloggers with many Instagram followers. An influencer will assist you to connect with a broad audience.

4. Digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive scheme on how you can use various the digital marketing channels to realize your business objectives. It involves: selecting channels to use, resources to allocate on each channel and projecting the expected results. To achieve better results, don’t execute everything at once.

5. Advantages of digital marketing

Low cost: You can reach large audiences quickly and economically.

Highly targeted communications: Advertising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram enable you to set your target audience based on their interests, locations and demographics.

Engaged audiences: Marketing campaigns are tailored for individuals who are looking for your products and services online thus you will obtain higher conversion rates.

Flexibility: It provides you a platform for quickly sharing product updates and new features.

Overcoming geographical barriers: The World Wide Web audience has no geographical barriers.


Digital marketing is the best way for a conventional business to establish and maintain a presence in the current digital world where many people spend a lot of their time on the internet. Stick to your original value proposal whether you are marketing for a multinational or small business and maintain the image of your brand. Take time to grasp the different channels. Track and measure your efforts: success will be yours.

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