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Democrats decry Virginia House GOP dirty tricks

Democrat vs. Republican on whiteVirginia Democrats are raising issue with the dirty tricks that they say House Republicans are using to make sure that 400,000 Virginians are denied their healthcare.

“Instead of participating in dirty tricks and backroom deals, the Speaker and his Republican colleagues need to do what they were elected to do – serve and protect their constituents,” stated Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director Robert Dempsey. “It is morally unjust and fiscally irresponsible to deny hardworking Virginians the health care coverage they deserve.”

House Speaker Bill Howell avoided a vote on two key vetoes by Gov. Terry McAuliffe related to GOP efforts to block Medicaid expansion. This came in the wake of the sudden resignation of a Democratic state senator, Phil Puckett, who was reportedly offered a job by a GOP-controlled state commission and a clear path for his daughter to get a judicial appointment in exchange for stepping down to allow Republicans to take control of the State Senate.

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