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Democrats avoid government shutdown disaster

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Enough Democrats were able to come together to pass a continuing resolution keeping the government open as the hours until a shutdown counted down, averting a disaster for the majority party.

The spending bill will keep the government open through Dec. 3.

As always, this is embarrassing.

Seriously, they have one job.

The House vote was 254-175. The Senate voted 65-35

“I thank my colleagues for acting to prevent a damaging government shutdown which would have hit my district especially hard,” Eighth District Democratic Congressman Don Beyer said. “It is very concerning that this measure passed with only hours to spare, the result of obstruction by Senate Republicans who are still blocking passage of legislation to raise the debt ceiling. Though the government is now funded until December, a debt ceiling breach would also result in inability of the federal government to pay its bills, including paychecks for federal workers as well as Social Security recipients, veterans, and Americans serving in the military.

“We are running out of time to stave off this disaster, which would wreck the economy and cost millions of jobs, and I implore every member of Congress in both parties to act in the national interest and support legislation to prevent a catastrophic default,” said Beyer, who represents the Northern Virginia suburbs of the nation’s capital.

“As we experienced during the last lapse in federal funding, a government shutdown would cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars and hurt millions of hardworking Americans — including thousands of Central Virginia’s federal employees, contractors, and small businesses,” said Seventh District Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. “As a former federal agent, I also know that shutdowns present a serious threat to our national security. On the floor of the House today, I was proud to protect the paychecks of our federal employees, federal law enforcement officers, Customs and Border Protection personnel, and other public servants who work at all hours to defend and serve our country. The safety and security of American families should never be put at risk due to irresponsible management of our nation’s finances — and I am glad to see this legislation now move to President Biden’s desk to be signed into law.”

Story by Chris Graham