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Delaware: Overview and insights

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Were you aware that the second smallest state of the U.S. was the first one to ratify the Constitution of the United States and thus earned the nickname “The First State”? Well, there are many more fun and useful facts when it comes to the Blue Hen State – such as the variety of nicknames attributed to it. Regardless of whether you are simply looking to learn more about Delaware or are thinking about moving there, here is a quick overview of the Diamond State.

How expensive is Delaware?

In case you are considering moving to Delaware, you might be wondering how high the cost of living there is. Compared to the U.S. average, Delaware is slightly more expensive. For example, while health care and utility costs are higher, transportation services (including the average cost of car insurance and maintenance, gasoline and public transportation fares) are cheaper. The prices of renting a property are slightly lower than the national average which is very good news if you’re thinking about relocating there.

What are the advantages of living in Delaware?

While it might be a bit more costly than the average U.S. prices, there are many tax benefits in Delaware that give it a huge advantage over some other states. Plenty of these perks are perfect for retirees and if you are not a fan of hotter areas like Florida, you can consider Delaware as a great retirement option. The Diamond State is one of just four that have no sales tax which means that you can save a lot of money on food, clothes, entertainment, and other things. Moreover, it does not tax Social Security income and has one of the lowest property tax rates at only 0.56%. Additionally, there is no estate or inheritance tax.

What to do for entertainment in Delaware?

When it comes to entertainment, there are many things to do in Delaware. For example, this state has plenty of museums you could visit, from the Museum of Natural History and the Agricultural Museum all the way to the Delaware Art Museum and The Delaware Contemporary. There is also the Zwaanendael Museum that commemorates the state’s maritime, military and social history and is home to the Zwaanendael merman. State parks abound as well so you can go have a picnic or learn how to ride a horse at Bellevue State Park or enjoy the sandy beaches of Cape Henlopen State Park. If you choose to visit Brandywine, you can have a fun day at the zoo, get a tour of the Brandywine River Museum and fish at the Brandywine Creek. Funland is another interesting destination that offers various rides, games, and attractions for visitors of all ages. Moreover, did you know that Delaware is one of only four states in the U.S. that allows gambling? The gambling market has been fully regulated since 2014 and betting in online casinos in Delaware is completely legal. While there are currently only three land-based operators that have a license to operate online, there is a wide variety of games available for you to enjoy.

Which celebrities were born and live in Delaware?

Speaking of entertainment, can you think of any celebs that are from this state? No? Well, we’re here to help with that as well. Actors Aubrey Plaza, Ryan Phillippe, Teri Polo, Judge Reinhold and Elisabeth Shue all hail from the First State. Six-time Grammy Award winner Stephen Marley (Bob Marley’s son) was born in Delaware also. This state is also the birthplace of a number of athletes, such as soccer goalkeeper Colin Burns, ice hockey player Mark Eaton, NFL wide receiver Devin Smith and baseball player Paul Goldschmidt. Annie Jump Cannon, an astronomer whose work was vital in the development of stellar classification, was also born in Dover, the state’s capital. While the former vice president Joe Biden was not born in Delaware but in Pennsylvania, he was raised here and later on represented it in the Senate.

As you can see, Delaware might very well be a good option for you in case you are considering relocation (or even retirement). Even though some expenses are a bit higher, you can save a lot of money on taxes while getting to enjoy everything that this state has to offer, from the opportunity to put some of that saved money on the line to getting to visit various museums, institutions and state parks.

Article by Dante Sinistra. Sinistra is a scuba diving and travel enthusiast. Spending his life away from the sea and oceans, it’s a minor miracle that he discovered a true love for underwater diving adventures. He lives in London but misses the friendly and lively people of his native Belgrade. His website is online at

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