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Crystal Graham: Join AFP at Taste of the Town

I got a feeling Jonathan Hunley does not know what I’m talking about.

My friend Teresa and I have been busy prepping for the Taste of the Town benefit for WDDI on Tuesday night.

We’ve been up to our elbows in garlic, onions, jalepeno peppers and green peppers for most of the morning. I even made Teresa cry when she was peeling onions.

We’re prepping for our White Bean Morrocan Turkey Chili for Augusta Free Press Tuesday night.

Tomorrow, we’ll put all of our chopped veggies into the cooker along with ground turkey and some other yummies to create one great recipe for those who attend.

Admittedly, it’s my first time making the receipe that I got from a friend. But you can smell under my fingernails and know that this chili was indeed made by Crystal Graham.

I’m up against News Virginian editor Jonathan Hunley for the first annual Best Culinary Newshound award at the event.

But here’s the deal … there’s no way he should win.

I’ve got it on good authority that he’s not even cooking the Butternut Squash Soup he’ll be serving up. Word is that some of the ad folks at the NV are chipping in to make him look good.

So, I’m just sayin’ that people should vote for AFP, i.e. Crystal Graham, tomorrow night.

Join us for the fun at the Waynesboro Country Club starting at 5 p.m. tickets are $25 for adults or $40 for adult couples. Info:

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