bob good pushing abortion ban youngkins 15 weeks would have very little impact

Bob Good pushing abortion ban: Youngkin’s 15 weeks ‘would have very little impact’

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Bob Good

Gov. Glenn Youngkin wants to prohibit abortions in Virginia after 15 weeks. Fifth District Congressman Bob Good’s response to that: hold my beer.

“Abolishing abortion after 15 or 20 weeks would have very little impact on the 14,000 abortions occurring in the state each year. As conservative leaders, we must do better for future generations of Virginians, and not simply negotiate over when abortion should be permitted,” said Good, who will host an “Abolish Abortion” rally at the State Capitol on Saturday.

A press release from the Good campaign touts the purpose of the rally as being “to encourage Virginia legislators and the governor to advance legislation to abolish, rather than regulate, abortion in Virginia.”

The quote from Maya Angelou would seem to apply here: when people show you who they are, believe them.

Good doesn’t hide the fact that he’s an outlier, far-right Republican.

“We are asking our fellow state leaders to rise to the moment, match the courage of the majority of Supreme Court justices, and fight for legislation that would end all abortion in Virginia,” Good said.

Friendly reminder time: Good has a Democratic challenger, Josh Throneburg.

Good, back in 2020, won a tough battle in the Fifth, which covers a 10,000-square-mile area from Fauquier County to the North Carolina border, defeating Democrat Cameron Webb by five percentage points.

The Fifth has gone Republican since Tom Perriello’s one term from 2009-2011, but the last two cycles have been relatively close (Denver Riggleman defeated Leslie Cockburn by seven points in 2018).

Good seems to think, from his bluster on abortion here, that he’s in a safe district. He’s not.

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