Blogcast w/Chris Graham: This isn’t #fakenews

donald trumpTrump double standard

Imagine, if you can, that Barack Obama’s campaign manager was convicted of eight counts the same day that his personal lawyer pleaded guilty to dozens of felonies.

Your conservative uncle on your Facebook feed would have a heart attack and stroke instantaneously.

Fox News would spontaneously combust.

Citizen Donald Trump would tweet endlessly.

But, that was then.

This is now. It was Trump’s campaign manager and personal lawyer.

Which means: it’s #fakenews.

The moving trucks would be backing up to the back door of the White House if this was Obama.

Trump is thinking ahead past his second term to his third.

America is broken, y’all.

I’m such a stupid Nats fan

OK, so the Washington Nationals are officially throwing in the towel on 2018, getting rid of Daniel Murphy (guess that Nats T-shirt I have with Murph’s name on the back is ironic now) and Matt Adams (the former future Waynesboro General).

And yet …

Here I am, still reasoning that, they can do it!

Wilmer Difo, see, he was playing well before Murph got back, and when he was at second, the Nats were nine games over in June.

And …

OK, this is more ABs for Ryan Zimmerman and Mark Reynolds.

And isn’t Stephen Strasburg coming back?

And Sean Doolittle … he’ll be running laps in the outfield before we know it.

This is still doable.

I’m such a stupid Nats fan.

Column by Chris Graham

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